Work Hard, Play Harder with Your Ram Truck

You know, owning a Ram Truck isn’t only about getting a job done. If you’re like us, you spend just as much time behind the wheel having fun as you do on the way to the job site. Ever since we partnered up with Ryan Said to be his primary sponsor during this year’s bass angling tournament season, we’ve gotten more and more curious about the sport. Competitive angling is a huge deal in this country, with tournaments going on all year down south. We’re pretty sure that if the guys up North could figure out a way to get their boats out on the ice, they’d be fishing 365 days a year, too.

From what we’re told, most tournaments are made up of full eight-hour days of fishing. At the lower levels, there’s usually just a single day of competition, though the more professional you get, the more days get added to the program. At the highest levels of angling, the pro tournaments can last up to four days. Of course, we don’t think we have the skill to jump into the deep end of bass fishing. That’s why we like the idea of these new weeknight tournaments.

They typically last no more than a couple of hours, with most guys pulling their boat straight from work to the event. Most guys and girls are just out there to have some fun and kick back after a long day at the office, and that’s something we can get behind – in a big way.

We never realized that one of the key objectives of bass angling is actually keeping the fish alive. In a legitimate tournament, big penalties are imposed on competitors who bring in a dead fish. To keep their catches fit for another day, all bass boats have live wells that are aerated throughout the competition. Once the fish are weighed at the end of the tournament, they’re re-released back into the lake to grow bigger so that they can be caught again.

While we’re looking hard into finding a way to justify bringing home a boat of our own to get out on the lake, we’ve been wondering exactly what sports you get into with your Ram Truck. We want to highlight the owners out there who use their pickups for everything from angling and fly fishing to hunting, boating and anything else. We’ll be showing off a handful of stories here on RamZone and sharing them with the rest of the Ram Truck community.

So go ahead and hop into the comments to tell us how you use your Ram Truck when it’s not on the job. We want to know what sports you participate in and how your truck is a part of the team. If you’ve got pictures to go along with your stories, go ahead and share those too. Keep an eye out for our featured posts in the coming days. And tune into ESPN this weekend to catch Bassmaster, keep your eye out for Ram’s very own, Ryan Said!