What Model First Brought You to the Ram Truck Brand?

How many here remember how intimidating the 2nd generation Ram trucks were when they came out in 1994? Better yet, how many of you still have one? We want to know what Ram Truck model won you over. After reading about this guy’s love affair with a Dodge Challenger, we’re wondering how many of you feel the same way about Ram trucks?  If your Ram Truck is something special, tell us why with a comment below. Feel free to upload some shots to the Ram Flickr page, too. Dirtiest truck gets bonus points.

  • 2010 1550 Dodge Ram HEMI….
    I have never owned a Ram before. After carefully researching all trucks out there and almost buying a ford, I decided to buy my first Dodge Ram. There is really no way to describe the feeling when I first got into the seat of my truck. I was overtaken by the massive feeling I got while inside, and the beauty of the interior. My mother was with me when I test drove my Hemi and she was impressed to say the least. Not only was I being spoiled by the power of the Hemi, but just the craftsmanship that was put into my new tuck. My Dodge Ram is simply best put as the best thing since sliced bread. Every morning I double click my keys to let her warm up (Cold in Idaho) and can’t wait to get in and have fun. The main reason for getting a truck is for getting out of situations where a 4×4 and much needed power is required. You never know when you need to bug out, and I was not going to put my life in something that I did not trust. The Dodge Ram line was the right line for me. My baby will surely get me to a safe spot for years to come!

  • Jon

    My first Dodge “truck” was a 1999 Durango 4×4. I got rid of it when I couldn’t afford gas for it. My first actual ram is the one I have now, a 1998 1500 SLT Laramie Club Cab 4×4. I absolutely love it, too! It does absolutely everything that I’ve needed to do with it and with the 5.9 litre V8, I know I’ll have power whenever I need it!

  • customs

    I own 2 dodge trucks, a 77sweptline with a 360 and a edelbrock 4 barrel and a 80 utiline 225 slant six I was sold ever since I bought my first dodge truck years ago

  • Geronimo

    I`m owned my first RAM in 2008, 4.7 flex-fuel, and still owned today, i`m from asuncion-Paraguay- South America.-

  • Jessica

    My first Ram was an ’89 D150, I affectionately called Clifford. It was a deep red, and I had bought Clifford because it was the first vehicle I could afford at the time. But I grew to love that truck! Bought it out in Cali, so it was well maintained, the paint was faded but no rust, no dents. Drove that truck up and down the mountains every day for work, and when it came time to move back to the Midwest, Clifford performed great! No problems whatsoever! Couple years later (and only a few minor repairs ) I moved to MA, and once again, me and my Ram did it no problems! 🙂 That truck was truly awesome, and I hated to see it go. But I could not hold on to it where I was living (after I parked it with plans to restore ol Clifford) and ended up donating it to the American Lung Association. I’d always wanted a truck, and a Ram was my first. I still miss Clifford, even with ‘his’ little quirks and faded paint, it just felt like a part of me.

  • jeff

    I dont have a Ram but i do own the 1987 Dodge Dakota and she still runs strong! Only 2wd but i take it out in the mud on occasion and NEVER get stuck.. Its my first truck and love it, my father bought it new in 86 and gave it to me to rebuild. Now it looks and runs great

  • Peter K

    Way back in 1992 before I got my licence I was given a military surplus M779 (W200) 4×4 Dodge pickup. Worked on that beast thru high school, lots of fun, simple truck to work on, 318 c.i. motor, went thru 4 front axles (even had a Trailduster freewheeler one) The rest, as they say, is history. A 1992 Cummins, a 1997 Ram 1500, 2001 Ram 2500HD, an Intrepid, two Durangos, and now a Magnum with my sights set on an early nineties 350 dually.

  • Thom Maser

    Got my first Ram in 1996. Bought a new Ram Sport 4×4 in 96 and still drive it to this day. This truck is a beast. Has over 170k on it, has been in 2 major accidents and protected my family in each, still even has my now 18 year old daughter tooth print in the cup holder from 1 of the accidents. My beast hauls firewood, building materials, ATV’s, get’s me thru the snow, mud and floods, has hit 6 deer and the only major work other than the body work from the wrecks is I had to have the transmission rebuilt. I will drive this truck until 1 of us die, the truck or me. I love my Ram, love the new Rams too, just not affordable for me at this time. My 96 may end up being the only Ram I ever own, but I am proud to have owned it and driven it. Thank you Dodge for the BEST trucks a man can drive!

  • Paul

    First Ram was a 1985 Dodge Ramcharger 4x4LE bought it when i was 16 in 1996. It was a beast. Loved it soo much i upgraded to an ’89LE. I bought my first brand new Ram in 2000. and it was a Ram 1500 quadcab sport 4×4 in solar yellow. My current ram is a Brand new 2010 Ram 2500 crew cab 4×4 laramie diesel. LOVE IT. Especially the Cummins.

  • rob

    Mine was a 1986 Dodge Ram W250 with the 318 engine. It hauled a lot of firewood it was an great truck. Now u have a 2008 Dodge Ram Big Horn its nice but not like the 86 .

  • Vernon brigham

    1997 Ram 1500 SLT, short box 4×4. Back then a Ram was the only 1/2 ton 4×4 with a solid axle. I won’t have a four wheel drive with IFS. Traded that one for a 99 2500 SLT 4×4 and that one foe an ’03 Quad Cab 2500 with a Hemi and a 5 speed. Two hundred thousand miles and still going on the ’03. I love my Ram truck, I only wish you would go back to real wheel bearings and hubs. I’m tired of changing those sealed things every year.

  • Christian ANdersen

    In 2004 i bought a 1995 Dodge Ram 1500 with 5,9L engine. The car was dark blue whit short cab and short bed. I was the first owner since the car war imported from the states. I loved that car, and I regret that I sold my beautiful 4×4…

  • Seth

    All the men in my family have always owned rams. So in 2006 when I got my license I wanted a Dodge Ram. I got my 94 1500 4×4 with 150000 miles on it and at 208000+ on the clock now it still runs like a top and ill own it til I die because its tough and reliable im on the hunt for a 3/4 on 1 ton now. So im hooked on ram!

  • Erik

    My first car is a 1989 Dodge RamCharger AD 100, with the 360 v8. I got it from my grandfather and it has 46xxx miles now, and it has never let me down or left me stranded. I hope gas prices dont go up anymore or i will be in a world of hurt!

  • Kelly

    MY first dodge pickup was a black 2000 dakota 4×4, 5 speed regular cab, short bed. only had it about 6 months but was a goof truck. I know has a 2005 dodge ram 2500 4×4 heavy duty. it has the 5.7 hemi. My favorite dodge truck is the 1980’s, one day ill have one.

  • Randy F

    The truck that hooked me was a 1976 2WD Half Ton. I do not recall the particular designation as to a 100 or a D or a W. All I remember was that he special ordered this truck and waited almost 6 months for it to be delivered. The special order was for a 440 4bbl automatic. Just a screaming truck with Cherry Bombs that would definitely disturb the peace.

    I wasn’t able to afford a truck of my own until years later. I fell in love with the 2nd gen RAM and finally got my hands on one. It was a 1999 SLT Quad Cab 5.9l. Enjoyed that truck immensely. Then Dodge did the unthinkable, brought out the HEMI. Had a 2004 ST Quad Cab with the HEMI. Awesome. Then a 2008 Quad Cab Big Horn another HEMI. But wait, RAM raised the stakes with the next HEMI and kicked up the power. My current ride is a 2010 Quad Cab Big Horn, with the HEMI, of course.

    I am really not that interested in what the car and truck magazines say in their tests and such. Every RAM I have had, or used, has been exceptional.

  • Gerald Box

    My first was a 1946 Dodge 1/2 ton flathead 6. Loved that old truck. Grandie gear would get you up to about 5 mph, but it would pull about anything. My friends would call me when they would get stuck in the mud.
    I now own a ’07 Dodge Quad cab with a Hemi and love it.

  • Trine

    Here is my story 🙂 I live in Norway, a cold country, and i had a Toyota Hilux, that was too small for a family of 4, so we wanted a bigger car. We looked for a long time, but one day I saw a beautiful car with a sign picturing a ram on the front 🙂 I said to my husband, “it’s this car or no car” 🙂 Not many days later, it was mothers day, and i always get some flowers and a present, but this day my children gave me a paper with a picture of this car. I thanked them and thought that it was a nice present. But i told my husband that he had forgotten some flowers 🙂 He smiled at me and asked if i didn’t like the car…. i looked at him and asked, “are you joking?” “No,” he smiled, “you’ll get your car 🙂 It was the best present ever 🙂 When we got to the carshop and i told my story the salesman said that it was the best story he had heard, and that he didn’t want to tell it to his wife, because then she would also expect to get a car next mothers day 🙂
    Now nearly 8 years later i still love my Dodge Ram 2500, and it’s still the best present i ever got 🙂 It is not many of this car where i live and many men look at it when they dont think that noone can see them 🙂

  • Kevin Jackson

    My first and current Ram is my black 1986 Ram W250 regular cab, 8ft bed, 4 wheel drive with the 360 4bbl and the 727 3 speed automatic. I have enhanced it over the last few years with American Racing chrome wheels and some nice tires in addition to dual side pipes with cherry bomb glass packs (the original noise maker). i love this truck and i dont think i’ll ever get rid of it, its loud, its proud, and people hear me coming from a half mile away and they know to move out of the way! if you cant Dodge it, RAM IT!!!!

  • Cody Knutson

    My first ram was a 1999 Dodge ram 2500 with the cummins turbo diesel, extended cab and 8 ft. box. I put a cold air intake in it and a hypertech power programer. But now i own a 2001 dodge ram 2500 cummins turbo diesel with the extended cab and 6 ft. box. This truck has 110 hp. injectors, airdog lift pump and stacked chips, and a cold air intake. It has a 4 1/2 in. downpipe into 5 inch then into two 5 inch stacks.

  • John Meyer

    My first and current Ram is a Black 1500 Quad Cab with the Thunderroad package. After the troublefree driving provided by 3 Grand Caravans I left Chevrolet for a real truck!

  • Carl

    My first car/truck was a 1984 Dodge Rampage. I know it wasn’t really a truck, but it could haul a good bit of stuff. That started a long line of Dodge products that comes to my ’10 RAM SLT Bighorn. I have to say this truck is the nicest vehicle I have ever owned. Man, I love that HEMI!

  • Marlene

    Rams were my dads truck of choice, so that is what I grew up in. The first one I ever drove myself was an ’85 W150. By the time I hit the legal driving age, he had an ’89 W150 that I used to help him plow snow from driveways and parking lots with, while he used his ’89 W350 flatbed. We made quick work of his client list with those two trucks! Then the day eventually came when I decided to start looking for a truck of my own to love. I cruised through the local Truck Traders and used car lots and ended up finding my Squid. She was beautiful, sitting under a tree in a local used car lot. I stopped to ask about her, and learned that this midnight blue longbed cutie was an ’86 W150. She had a 360ci motor, 4 bbl carb, 5 speed manual transmission, 86,000 miles, and had been owned only once before by a little old man who used her to pull his small boat around. She was perfect and I had to make her mine. The dealer was asking more for her than I had intended to spend, so I went to the “Bank of Dad” for a loan and luckily he agreed. A few days later, he went to the dealership for me before I got off of work and completed the transaction so she was ready to roll as soon as I arrived. There was one problem though…. I had never driven a vehicle with a manual transmission. So my father drove her home for me and I spent the next few weeks fine tuning the wrist flick into third gear. When I tried to make my first payment to Dad, he informed me that he wouldn’t take my money, and that Squid was a gift for being a good girl and keeping my nose clean. Wow! Not only did I have an awesome little truck now, but an amazingly sentimental treasure from Dad.
    I have had Squid for the past twelve years and we have had many adventures together. She went from a stock truck with 28″ tires to a respectable rig with 35.5’s on her. She’s rock crawled, run in the mud, pulled other stuck trucks from peril, and been my security blanket through some rough times. Unfortunately she has not run for a few years due to an electrical gremlin and my inability to figure out, but I will not give up. She’s my Squid and that’s just how it is. <3

  • C. J. Nevill

    Ok, I had to double check with my dad on this one. He purchased brand new, a 1985 Ram-150. It was a metallic blue long bed with 15″ wheels. Had the fantastic 318 motor. When I got my driver’s license at 16, this became my truck. I was so proud of it. I have a lot of good memories of that truck, even though it puffed out a huge cloud of white smoke every time I cranked it. It survived through one wreck with me behind the wheel, but I finished it off with the second wreck. Truck probably saved my life. Destroyed my truck and the other guy’s truck. I was uninjured though. Despite all the damage, the motor still cranked!! Miss that truck. 🙁

  • C. J. Nevill

    I forgot to mention, I am now the proud owner of a 2010 Mineral Gray 1500 Hemi Quadcab! Texas Edition baby. Love driving this truck every single day! 🙂

  • J.A.W

    First dodge ram truck I was ever introduced to was my grandmas 1996 2500 with the magnum v8. She bought new and still has it today, I love that truck. A few years later my dad bought a 1999 dodge ram 1500 4×4, which furthered my love for the trucks. Again, a few years later he bought a new 2004 ram 2500 4×4 with the off road package. I couldn’t wait to get my own, so I did. My first truck was a 1999 dodge ram 1500 Laramie 4×4. Beautiful truck, but ended up not being able to afforded. Decedied to save up to get something I could afford, so I did. My second truck was a 1999 ram 2500 sport 4×4 with the v10. Unfortunately as an older post I wrote, I got in an accident that total my truck, but it was great truck. Thought I was going to have to start all over and save for a new one but instead my dad bought new and suprised me with the 2004 ram I mentioned earlier. I have been around these trucks my whole life and will never have anything else than a dodge. DODGE4LIFE.

  • 392HEMI

    The truck that made me believe in the Ram truck brand was the ’94 RAM. I’ve had a ’97 1500 SLT with an emerald green paint job, an 02 Ram 1500 SLT, 07 Ram 1500, 08 RAM 1500, 09 RAM 1500 SPORT CREW DEEP Water Blue, and a 2010 RAM 1500 Lonestar Inferno Red. They have all been great trucks. Long live the RAM brand!

  • DeWayne

    My first truck was an ’88 Dakota. Since then I have had a ’90 Ram 1500, ’98 Ram 1500, ’03 Ram 1500 and currently still have an ’04 Ram 2500. All the trucks were trouble free and did everything I needed them to do. Love Ram trucks!

  • Beth

    Our first Ram was and still is a 1988 Dodge 1500. Yes, we still have it. Then when Dodge added the Hemi to the engine lineup, I had to have one! So now we have two Dodge trucks. Mine is a 2003 Dodge 1500 Quad Laramie. We bought it new and it still looks the great! Gotta love the Hemi! What fun!

  • Robert

    my first ram was a red 1997 1500 with the 5.2L v8 it was a short bed reg cab and i still have it my second ram was a 2003 3500 v10 crew cab long bed dully yes i was 17 with a dully now (at 19) i have a 2008 Ram 1500 4×4 5.7L Hemi


    Simple…It was a DODGE !!!

  • Alex Graber

    im 15 and i fell in love with dodge and dodge trucks when i was 3 my uncle worked at a dodge dealership as a mechanic for many years and my dad has always been a dodge guy to so i guess you could say dodge runs in our family. Since i was knee high to a grass hopper ive wanted a dodge ram and we finally got one in 07 it was an 07 1500 slt bighorn edition 4×4 with the 4.7 work horse motor in it and now im drivin it and im proud to be the owner of a dodge truck and ALWAYS WILL BE! and after high school i want to go to UTI so i can work on cars and hopefully work for dodge.



  • sonny

    my 2001 2500 w/ diesel is great pulls my 30 ft. tow behind easily…looking for a 4by4 dually for next one …..has to have the new cummins ……oh ya

  • Warrenzo

    The first truck I owned was an 87 Ram. I admit, it was pretty ugly. All trucks were ugly in the 80’s. Regardless, it was a moving truck. I live in Canada, and it’s no joke when you speak of snow, especially when you live in the country. You need to be able to get through drifts, and mud in the spring, and tow hard in the summer and fall. The 87 Ram (318) passed every test. It finally met its match when my sister flipped it on a highway. Then we got a 2001 Dodge Ram (1500 360). Today, we had to pick up a horse trailer left in the field. Well the field has a good 3 feet or more of snow all through it. The Ram got through, and pulled out the trailer no prob. The tracks we left were of tires, and a big dip in between the tracks. Thats where the differential plowed the snow. No need for 4L either. Plow to the bumper. That’s the way of the Ram’s!

  • Warrenzo

    My 87 Ram, the odometer turned around twice. At work, the truck I drive is a 92 Ram 12v Cummins. I have never stalled that truck, even with 15 calves in a fifth, idling it up a hill. Only other engine I like to listen to is the 426 hemi. I have never gotten a dodge hoplessly stuck. Every time I’ve gotten stuck, the mighty dodge gets itself out.

  • James Ball

    My first Ram is a 2010 bighorn quad cab 4×4 the ride and power are outstanding, styling of the truck is so sweet it turns heads everywhere I go the deep water blue just shines,20 inch wheels dual exhaust just a awesome truck
    Hemi Rules

  • tr4petty

    My first was a 1971 Dodge 1/2 ton pickup with a Slant Six engine in it and practically no options. I bought it used in 1975. It was a great truck; very reliable, decent fuel mileage, and felt rugged as a tank to drive.

  • Mr.Skidoo

    My first Ram was a 1994 2500 SLT 4×4 with the Cummins and a 5 speed manual trans. What a great truck but at 350K I moved up to a 2004.5 3500 Laramie Quad Cab 4×4 single wheel with the Cummins and a 6 speed manual trans. These trucks were used primarily to tow a 5th wheel RV. I have had such great experiences with these trucks that this week I ordered a 2011 Laramie Longhorn 3500 Crew Cab 4×4 single wheel with the Cummins(of course) and a 6 speed auto which is pretty much loaded to the hilt. Can’t wait for it to show up at the dealership. You cannot beat the Ram HD for towing and they are happiest when pulling a mega load behind them.

  • Danny

    Brought my dodge ( club cab ) IN 1979 Now have 2003 2500 Quad Cab Long bed with 5.9 Diesel getting ready to add Banks stinger system. For better towing of RV in the hills Looked at new 6.7 but for for the money Stinger package way to go @48000 miles still breaking in Love My Ram

  • Kevin

    My first experience with a Ram was when my dad brought home his 95 reg. cab shortbed 4×4. I was hooked from day one. I purchased my first Ram 1500 QC 4×4 in 98 and then a 01 2500 QC diesel 4×4. Now I have a 04 4 door 3500 4×4 putting down 650 hp. Nothing is as much fun as seeing the look on all those “sports” cars owners faces out there with a 7500 lb truck blows them away.

  • Ricky Wiggins

    My first and foremost experience with a Ram Truck, was when I went down to the dealership in my area, to check out the NEW 2011 DODGE RAM 1500 OUTDOORSMAN 4X4 CREW CAB. The truck immediately blew me away, with the new design & color schemes, the expanded console design and functionality, and the limitless SAFETY and SECURITY features of this model truck. After careful examination of this model as well as the anticipated Test Drive of this New RAM TRUCK, there was little left to do, but purchase this truck [ that in my opinion, has far exceeded all other Ram Trucks currently in production]. This truck brings countless benefits to its owners, as well as potential clients. I absolutely love my new Ram Outdoorsman, an everybody I know, is extatic over my profound choice of vehicles. It may not be known to a lot of people that the, 2011 DODGE RAM OUTDOORSMAN 4X4, will only have a set number of this model made, and then it is gone, unless there is OVERWHELMING CUSTOMER RESPONSE TO TIS VEHICLE.

    Given the FACT that RAM is now INDEPENDENT of DODGE, the possibility’s of each consecutive make of all future Ram Trucks, will be infinite, given PROPER CUSTOMER REVIEWS as well as DETERMINED / RAM – AUTO MANUFACTURER SPECIFICATIONS. Ram Trucks have given there customer’s a really enjoyable and competent truck to meet their specific needs, and as time goes on and the need for more durable, extravagant, and dependable vechicles are needed, RAM WILL ALWAYS STEP UP TO THE PLATE AND OUTSHINE ALL OTHER VEHICLES IN EXISTANCE.

  • Joe

    I was in high school looking for my first car. it was to be my 18th birthday/ graduation gift, was suppose to get mom’s old caravan but she traded it in for a new one. So my mother and I looked at a few cars but mostly budget trucks. There was an F150 that slid into a tree (dealership didnt want to fix it or even give a big discount because “you can get a bed from a junkyard and swap it out in an afternoon”, same dealership had a mazda b2500 5 Speed (mom can’t drive a stick, so it was out of the question) and a reg cab S10 (im 6’4″ didnt fit). Went to the dealer that she bought her new van from and found a Gorgeous, red, 2wd 318cu., Ram 1500 (9 years old) took some convincing b/c it was over the budget and over the mileage/age limit but after agreeing to pay for half I got it and still have after 5 years and 70,xxx miles I still love it.

  • Joe

    Forgot to add that its the best Truck ive ever driven ( uncle has a chevy 1500 grandfather has a ranger, other grandfather has a s10, and friends have f150s and others). despite the dash, which dodge knew about and never recalled. ive talked a couple other friends into getting 98 rams

  • Will Houston

    my first dodge was a 1973 power wagon, 3/4 ton 4 wheel drive, the 360 small block had some work done on it and was a ways from stock with the 4.11 gears and a 4 on the floor it was a beast sence then i had a 1983 ram 250 and now i drive a 2007 dodge ram 1500 slt with the 5.7 hemi it has almost 150,000 miles on it and a 2.5 inch lift there isnt anything i havent tried to pull that i was unable to with any of the 3 dodges ive had and i wont by any other brand of truck my next one might have to be the cummins though.

  • John

    I grew up with Dodge Power Wagons. I currently own a 2007 Ram that has no decals, badges or other disignations of make or model other than an “X” in the center of the grill and the center of the tail gate.

    Anyone know the history of this vehicle? I purchased it used and the dealership doesn’t know what it is.


  • Carla Kelly

    My 1st Dodge was the 1994 Dodge Diesel , 2500,4×4 full bed pick up. I was the first in the county to have it and she certainly made me popular. I pulled stumps out of the ground in granny low 4×4, hauled my horse trailer loaded to the gills all over the US & Canada. She never let me down. I kept her till 300,000 miles and sold her to my horse trainer to continue her journey with him. I still miss her but I do have a 2001 Dodge 2500 4×4 in the garage to keep the tradition going. Looking for a dually this year…Yep, I will only consider a dodge diesel, manual trans, 4×4!

  • Robert

    The first truck that really won me over was my fathers. In 1994, he ordered a brand new fully loaded 1995 3500 4×4, V10, Dually, club cab. He was pulling a GCW of 34,000 lbs cross country to various trade shows. That left an impression on me.

    I guess the truck that really won me over though was my first vehicle. When it came time to get my own vehicle, dad suggested I get a 1990 W250 that he knew of locally. It was in great condition, had an automatic, reg cab, and it was a Cummins. So, with his suggestion that I get that truck, it became my first vehicle. I still own that truck after 9 years and it stills serves as my daily driver, race truck, part hauler for my restoration truck, and show vehicle. I have even used it to recently tow my trailer accross the country on a 7600 mile trip!

    The truck has evolved over the years. I have doubled the power (300 hp and 800 ft/lbs), converted it to a standard trans, added a Gear Vendors, changed the suspension to better handle loads and give it a 1″ lift, added a complete 4″ exhaust, PRXB exhaust brake, and changed turbo charger to name a few things. I have found that regardless of age, nothing beats a Ram!

    My other truck is also a Ram and it is my first restoration vehicle. I am currently restoring a 1980 W350 Dually, 4 door crew cab that now sports a twin turbo Cummins, SRT-8 Charger interior, 24 speed trans, and air ride suspension.

    The more I think about it, I am not sure which one has left the biggest impression….


  • chase

    i had a 1978 ramcharger with a 440 i got it when i was 14(im 20 now) same moter same trans the only thing i have done to the truck is a new inside,6′ lilft,40’super swamper boggers,and with anything this big and powerful you know i got them lockers…im so happy with this truck i will NEVER sell this truck…i love showing up guys in fords and chevys my dodge makes them look like a wussy!

  • John

    Mopars have been our family since the early 50’s. The list includes: 1950 Dodge, 1960 Dodge Stationwagon, 1959 Dodge Custom Royal Lancer (my dad bought new when got out of the army), 1968 Dodge Monaco Stationwagon, 1967 Dodge Polara 2dr hardtop (stolen out of a courthouse parking lot), 1975 Dodge charger, 1969 Dodge Charger, 1978 Chrysler Lebaron, 1986 Chrysler Lebaron. Sadly all those cars are gone now. Except the 69 charger, sold it to a friend that restored it and put a stroker RB moter in it. I am keeping the family tradition going though, I currently own 1984 Dodge D350 with a dump dody 360 4spd, 1985 Dodge Ramcharger 4×4 4 spd, 2003 Dakota Quad cab 4×4 auto. I love all those trucks not selling any of them. My next one I’m goin to add to my collection is a 1st gen cummins 4×4, W250 or W350, not sure yet.

  • Joe Lattanzi

    Similar story. I bought my first Ramcharger, a 1984 from a friend who owned a body shop. It had seen rough days, beginning as a military 4×4. 318 and granny low. He had driven it through high school, cutting off the top, and having a custom canvas top made for it. We plowed snow with it in the winter for extra money. This thing was a brute, earning every nickname from Mad Max to The Beast. When I bought it, she was in need of some service to remain roadworthy, so I promptly took her off the road, and trailered to the mountains with our 4×4 club. We enlarged the wheel openings, and stuffed some 38″ Gumbo Mudders under it and welded the spider gears, and installed a Jegs Racing fuel cell where the back seat used to be. It won a lot of admiration for getting the trail guides un-stuck on some tough narrow, steep wooded rock crawling trails. I have since gifted itn to a more mechanically inclined friend who upgraded her even further.
    My second Ramcharger was a 1989 with an automatic and a snowplow already on it. 318 and an automatic. I towed my 10000 pound dump trailer with her, and nary a groan of discomfort. I love old Dodges.
    I then fell in love witha friend’s 1995 duallie 2wd Cummins with a stick shift! That thing would pull a house right off the footings.
    Keep the great trucks coming, regardless of intangibles like market share. I read once in a magazine ‘the ford/ chevy have more power in numbers, but the Ram Uses the power the best of all of them. So true, you can just feel the grunt.
    All for now, keep up the good work,
    Baltimore, MD

  • Walt

    I just traded off my 1992 D250 cummins with 383K on it for a used 2008 Dodge 1500 Hemi !!! I bought the truck BRAND NEW. I lacked 1 month and 2 days of having it 19 years. Like one of my children.

    Yea Yea I know, but I don’t need the diesel anymore. Only haul an ATV or pull a little ATV trailer. I have had over the years a 1996 and a 2001 Dodge cummins that I pulled my 5th wheel with. Both did an excellent job. This 1500 I can pull behind my motorhome and the bigger pick-ups are toooo heavy.

  • Chris

    First experience with Chrysler vehicles is the 2010 Ram 1500 Crew Cab I bought last year. Loved it at first — looks great, strong engine, solid body. lots of room. However, Chrysler needs to get rid of those junk stock Wranglers and build a truck that won’t develop nagging problems at about 6,000 miles.

    Come on, Chrysler. The initial quality is great and may be responsible for all those accolades, but some of us do a bit more than hop in a new vehicle, drive it around long enough to write a review of it and then turn it back in to Chrysler — we actually spend our hard-earned money on these things and hope to drive them for more than a few months before weird problems develop.

    Selling trucks for $30,000 plus that aggravate owners after the “new” has worn off is no way to win over Ford and Chevy loyalists. I really wanted to like this truck, too. That’s a shame.

  • mike

    actually I went to the site to make sure my 4.3 supercharged silverado is faster than the new ram by gear ratios/torque/weight. It’s nice that now there may be some competition with the new single cab hemi, a nice looking truck too bad it gets like 14mpg

  • Adam

    Well i was looking for a 1991-93 cummins about a year ago. That first gen body style really cought my eye. So, i found a 1991 Dodge ram 250 4-spd on the floor. It had the 360 motor and i loved it. Then, about 2 weeks ago i found this really good deal on a 1999 Dodge Ram 1500 with a 318. Its extended cab instead of regular cab and it has 200,000 miles on it and it runs like its a new one.
    you guys are making awesome trucks and i just want to tell you to keep up the good work. I’ve got nothing to complain about.

  • jason

    dodge trucks have been in my family as long as i can remember.had to have to hunt in the everglades.my first truck was a jeep commanche that was bought for graduation,but my first money bought a 1985 d-100 4×4 still have it in back yard cant get rid of it.its in good company 87 4×4 ramcharger,90 3/4 ton 4×4 cummings(have two one automatic,one stickshift on 44’s swampers)88 two wheeldrive another ramcharger that we put a truck body on chassis(dont reckamend it at all,and a 74 cj- 5.in the front yard have a 08 2 whhel drive 4.7 my work truck,wife has 2010 3/4 ton 4×4 hemi,and the son has a 2010 jeep x

  • Matthew

    My first Dodge was a 96 Dodge Ram reg cab short box. Believe it or not I traded a Corvette in on this truck. I never looked back. I loved that truck more than any other vehicle I owned before. Some years later I did try another brand (blue oval) and really, really did not like that truck. I learned, and my next truck was an 2003 Dodge Ram Quad Cab silver color. That truck was my pride and joy. She served me through good times and bad. I truely miss that truck. I ended up selling that truck because I got married and my wife needed a new vehicle and I was supplied with a company vehicle. I am truely looking at a new 2011 Dodge Ram 2500 Crew Cab pickup. DODGE, please keep up the good work and there are a lot of us out there that love Rams…..

  • Brent

    My first Chrysler vehical was a brand new 2007 Dodge Ram 1500 SLT Crew cab short bed 4×4. I fell in love with it. I had test drove the 2007 GMC Sierras with similiar features and just couldn’t get over the fact that the back tires slipped when I drove over train tracks at 40 MPH. I did the same thing with the Ram and I never lost grib. I can’t say anything against Fords as I honestly didn’t look or drove any during my search for a new vehical. In April 2010, I loved my Dodge so much that I bought a used 2007 Chrysler 300 SRT8. I absolutely loved it. I’m just sad that I had to trade it in along with my 2007 Ram in order to buy the 2010 Ram 1500 Laramie Crew Cab 4×4. I just essentially traded in 2 vehicals for 1 that had all the same features and more. My wife and I are very much happy with the new Ram. I’m at 14,200 miles and the only issue I’ve ever had was the battery actually died (as in won’t even hold a charge). That was at 6,000 miles. I got it replaced with no cost to me. I’ll always own a Ram for the rest of my years. That is how satisfied I am with my Rams.

  • Howard

    I always drove Dodge trucks. Ram is fine for the model name, but sounds stupid as the brand name. If they don’t start calling them Dodges again then I will buy used dodges, no Ram brands for me!

  • Fred Weems

    I factory ordered a new 1994 Ram Diesel 2500 reg cab long bed 4×4, and have been driving it ever since. It has a little over 213,000 miles on it, and it runs great.
    I’ve had to do a couple of paint jobs and replace the transmission a few years ago. I put new leather seats in at the 10 year point, just to make it smell good.
    It gets about 16 mpg overall, not too bad for something its size. My VW Jetta diesel gets over 40 mpg, but it doesn’t weigh a third as much, and it’s brand new.
    I’m comparing the Dodge Ram 3500 and the Ford F350 as possible replacement for my old ’94. It still looks and runs good, but something newer and a bit bigger would be nice. Oh yes, and that new back up camera setup would have saved me from several embarassing incidents in the past.

  • Luke

    I’ve been raised in a Mopar family, so that’s all I’ve ever known. In his lifetime, my dad has owned a ’66 D200, ’72 Challenger, ’73 D200, ’75 Coronet, ’79 W200, ’85 Ramcharger, ’89 W350, and an ’04 Ram 1500. My mom has had a ’75 Colt, ’85 LeBaron, and a ’94 Acclaim. My first car, which is still my daily driver, is a ’90 Ramcharger. I also have a ’73 Charger and ’74 W300 that I’m hoping to restore.

  • Scott

    I’ve owned many cars, but just one truck; my 1993 Dodge Dakota Sport. Eighteen years and 142,000 miles later, the truck has never let me down. I love the sound of the motor, the feel of the power coming through the manual shifter, the nimbleness in tight parking situations, and the classic simple design. The durability and reliability has given me many years behind the wheel of a truck I absolutely enjoy driving. I’m hoping to keep my truck for life, but should there come a time that I have to get a new truck, it only be a Dodge.

  • Chris

    A first Gen Cummins powered truck brought me to the Dodge brand for work & pleasure trucks. After MANY Cummins, Magnum V8, V10, Hemi & R/T trucks as well as a great Neon, 08 4.0L Grand Caravan & a 2011 Nitro Shock i’m very sad to say i think my days with Chrysler are done. The new RAM brand has shown NO concerns for customer safety & left me with a unsafe 1,900 mile 2010 Dodge Ram 3500 4×4 Laramie in my driveway. Case # 20219920. New buyers BEWARE… the vehicles are only as good as the company behind them.

  • dakota

    First “Ram” experience was with an 02 Dakota, which was a great truck. I sold it off with 68K for a brand new Dakota back in 06. Big mistake. I don’t trust Chrysler quality anymore after this truck and the others cars in my household that are continually in the shop for quality reasons. My Dakota eats sway bar links, tie rods, other various suspension components, brake rotors, and now needs wheel bearings and a power steering rack with 70K. This truck that has only been used on-road and has never seen a day of towing or hauling heavy loads in its life. The sad thing is that I really enjoy the designs from Chrysler Corp. but I can’t justify spending money on a brand new car that is going to need continual replacement of faulty parts. Unfortunately, the 7th Chrysler in our household will be the last.

  • Ram Zone

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    In the meantime, please keep the stories coming!

  • Constantine Boubalos

    1994 12 valve cummins turbo 5 speed manual

  • BranTheMan

    I have a 2001 Dodge Ram 2500 24 valve Cummins diesel that I wouldn’t trade for anything in the world. The truck features a 4-inch lift, 315/75R16 tires on stock wheels, and 5 inch Silverline stacks. I get compliments everywhere I go and the truck has never given me any problems, even at 180,000 miles. It will pull anything I put behind it and still get good mileage. I love the 5-speed manual transmission and the sound of the Cummins is like nothing else! I also have a 3.9L 4BT Cummins that I’m currently swapping into my lifted 2002 Jeep Wrangler with 35’s. Also, my dad has a 2007 Dodge Ram 3500 Cummins that he absolutely loves. I plan on buying a Dodge Ram 12 valve Cummins for sled pulling when I can save up the money. I will always be a fan of Ram trucks because they are the only American diesel truck brand to still offer a manual transmission and they don’t require that diesel exhaust fluid crap. Nothing against the Hemi (I’d love to have one in a Challenger), but you just can’t beat a Cummins!

  • jordan lloyd

    got my 84 ramcharger 4×4 360 4 barrel. these trucks are beasts and could go threw anything between me and my dad we’ve had about 8 of them couldnt be more inpressed with the reliability and the durabulity of these trucks. i hope they keep makin strong trucks and keep showing up the other brands with that monster cummins.

  • james burrowv

    My very first truck was a 1985 ram 1500 with the 318. i loved my old truck. my grandpa had a 1997 dodge dakota sport 4×4. there was nothing that this truck couldnt do or go thru. I have been a dodge man ever since. I love the power, sound, durability, style, and overall package of the truck that you get. my first truck was a dodge ram and my last one is going to be a dodge ram.

  • Rod Forsman

    My first truck is a 1993 dakota sport with the 5.2 liter (318) Bad ass truck! still driving it now with 177,000 miles. I’m thinking of trading up to a ram 2500 but my dakota with probally still be in the driveway my son has his eyes on it. My only complaint with my Dakota is the paint is starting to come off the cab roof !!

  • Mason

    Well im 17 and i own a 1st gen toyota tundra and i love it, but if i had a choice in what i would be driving it would be a ram. i fell in love with the ram when i was about 3 and i saw the 96 ram 2500 in the movie Twister and i said one day id have a truck just like that. But I looked though the rams of the past and I’m working on buyin my favorite ram, the ’78 WM80. Its just so mean looking and its built like a rock with a powertrain thats just a mean.

  • C k courtney

    I live in Colorado, own a 2008 Dodge 2500 Diesel with which I pull a travel trailer through the Colorado Rockies.
    I have owned several trucks in my day Fords and GM but nothing as awesome as this Dodge diesel.
    I pull a 23 foot travel trailer over the highest passes in Colorado with out even knowing I am pulling a 6000 lb. trailer and pass everything on the road……….
    I run 70 on the flat and get 18 mi. per gallon………….
    How can a truck with so much power be so quite and it has no black smoke pouring out the tail pipe…………..
    It is the most powerful truck I have ever owned and I don’t expect to ever buy another, since i am 69 years old. If I do it will be another Dodge diesel

  • Dave

    First dodge was my dads 89 ram longbed which i stole before i got my license. Then he made me get it so he could report it stolen next time i took it. Own a 02 ram sb regular cab. Chipped, lowered, exhaust, tint, tows my 25ft powerboat with 205K miles. LOVE IT. Rough and it still gets the looks with the add ons. Bought my wife a 07 nitro new. 70K and the first engine light came on…gas cap. Dad still has the 89 and is willed to me and he has 08 quad cab. LOOKING FORWARD to the new 11 Ram “Adventurer”…need some info Chrysler guys…That truck is right up my alley…thanks for all your hard work and keep producing quality machines….

  • Dave

    I have been a lifelong MoPar fan…..and Dodge trucks were always the best in my eyes…..I own a l966 D-100 CSS, a 1949 Fargo panel, a 1981 W-250. a 1993 W-350 Cummins powered, and 1997 Dakota with 522000 Km’s and still running great………I miss the “Dodge” Ram,but what are ya gonna do……

  • Dan

    Traded in an Acura TL for a 2004 Ram Off-Road. Love this truck. The Acura and I had some good times but it just wasn’t up to New England winters and I wanted something bigger and meaner. So far I got a magnaflow exhaust on it and 20% tint. Keep up the good work Dodge these trucks are raw power!

  • Derek

    Our ’94 Ram Cummins was a gamble that paid off. It was our first Ram and was followed by a ’95, ’01,’ 03, 2x ’07s and an ’08, all Cummins. Today, we have an ’07 and an ’08 sitting next to the original ’94. They all run like champs, take abuse and never flinch. Now, if they would only make a Power Wagon with a Cummins option for all the loggers, we’d be all set.

  • Kevin Valentine

    I have been fortunate to have owned every Dodge Cummins body design up to 2003. The 2003 3500 dually had a 6 speed manual, 4×4 and crew cab set up. This truck had to keep our construction business going hauling material and equipment on a goose neck trailer. It hauled a small road grader from the east coast to the west coast. It ran continuous for two months while I worked recovery after hurricane Gustov in Louisiana and hurricane Ike in Galveston Texas. The truck hauled supplies to military, law enforcement agencies as well as food and water to local survivors and unfortunately had to be used for body recovery. In 2009 while working on a building setting roof steel I fell two stories and my truck had to haul me to the hospital where I spent several hours in the trauma room being put back together. Unfortunately I had to sell the truck to help with financial responsibilities, but I only have great words of admiration for that great truck and dream of the day when I can get the new model and start the next life adventures with Dodge on the badge and Cummins under the hood.

  • Hemi Power

    My dad owns a 2003 ram 1500 qcab 8ft bed 4×4. ST with the hemi. I love it. In 2wd, i’d estimate it will hit 60mph from a dead stop in about 7.0sec, and it would be faster except the wheels spin all through first gear lol. In 4×4, I have clocked it at 5.7sec 0-60mph. I have outrun every other brand of truck on the road, and looked and sounded the best while doing it. For 2003, it had best towing too: 8,200lbs. I have hauled 6,600lbs with no problem, but not any higher. Only downfall is fuel economy. it was rated at 13/17, but im lucky to get 10/13… I would guess that this problem would be fixed with a new 6 speed automatic, but the current 5 speed is a good tranny as well. All in all, good job dodge, your Hemi engine design is FLAWLESS, and i have yet to drive another vehicle with an engine even comparable. Yes, i have driven 2010 models of the tundra, f150, silverado, and sierra. silverado had 6.0, sierra had 6.2, but i would be willing to say that my dad’s 03 hemi would beat them. tundra is probably most comparable, but still, hemi wins. haven’t yet driven the 2011 f150 with the 5.0 or 6.2, but i will be very interested. not willing to try the ecoboost… turbochared V6 in a truck means its always maxed out, even when not towing anything. I have driven a 2007 Titan, but hemi wins hands down. So until i can afford a 2010 or newer ram w/ hemi, i’ll enjoy the 2003!

  • Ryan

    Well, My first Ram was a ’92 w150, First vehicle I purchased on my own, with money saved up during High school. I found it at a local used dealership being sold by it’s owner. I took one look at the Truck, and was utterly taken with it. It truly was a beast!  I loved everything about it, The Roar it made as it started, the vicious growling of the engine as it rumbled down the road, The straightforward no bull-shit interior, It was a “Guy truck” through and through! I had a blast with that monster of a truck. I was 20, when I purchased it and that was a great summer, I had a great deal of adventures with my Ram, out all night roaming the roads, the wind whipping my face through the angle vent windows, listening to nothing but the roar of my engine….I don’t think I’ll ever be able to buy another truck in my life, unless it’s as beastly, monstrous, and truly dependable as that Ram was. It was a ’92, w150 ram, for $600, with only one issue, the need of an air filter….God I loved that thing, I bought it in 2007 ran like a dream. Had to show it off to all of my friends and their opinions were all the same “Holy shit thats a great truck man!” Unfortunately, my Tale comes with a sad ending, after that summer with my Ram…I had to move from my home town, and into an area of nothing but hills…with the current job market suffering like it was (and still is) I had no choice but to part with my Ram, my one companion on the endless summer nights out on the road….It was indeed a sad time, parting with my first truck, bought with my own hard earned money…But I’m always going to be looking to buy another one, I doubt I’ll be able to ever enjoy another truck after experiencing the tremendous thrill my ’92 Ram w150 brought me….

  • Jim

    I’ve always been a Dodge/Ram guy. My first truck was a 1973 D100, 318 auto. Since then, I have owned a 67 W200 225 4-speed, 79 W150 318 4-speed, 88 W250 318 4-speed and an 85 W250 318 auto. Having owned both auto and manual trucks, I have to say that I strongly prefer the manual and give a BIG thumbs-up to Ram for keeping it as an option in their diesel trucks. I would like to see it offered in the Hemi again as well, but I realize that most of the demand for the stick comes from diesel buyers. That makes me a diesel buyer now!
    I will be buying my first-ever new truck within the next few weeks. This will be a new Ram 2500 with the Cummins diesel/ G56 six speed to replace my trusty but badly aging 85 W250. It has been a good work truck for me for 12 years, but it’s time for something new and definitely time for a stick again. My dealer is looking for one for me, but I may have to special order since I want a regular cab long bed. No problem, the old 85 will last me a few more months until my new one arrives, and I’m still going to keep it as a spare truck. Having been with me since 1999, it’s like a member of the family. I know I will love the new 2500, and I plan to keep it for a long time.

  • Jim

    Lets see. My first Dodge truck was a 75 150 2wd Club Cab long bed with a 318 and 727, traded my 73 eL Camino for for it. From there I bought a 78 Lil Red Express. Still own it after 26 years. Needs to get restored, when the money comes around. Had ALOT of fun in that truck First time on the drag strip and first girl friend (the drag strip was more memoriable) Where with that truck. After I blew the motor in the express I bought a new 88 Dakota. I still own this one also. It has gone through some modifications over time. It’ been lowered. The V6 had a supercharger on it for sometime. Now it’s in the middle of getting a 408 put in it. I also bought a 04 Dakota extended cab (club cab if you ask me) . Finally got a truck with most of the options I wanted in it. That got totaled on Christmas day 2005. I needed transportations so I bought a 1989 D150. Great truck but had a short in that that I couldn’t find in the middle of January. When I stripped it I found that the cabs roof lights were tapped into the front drivers markers light. The truck turned into a parts truck for my express and friends Dodge trucks From there I bought 2005 2wd Quad Cab with 4.7. Comfy but not a Hemi. I probally had a a few others in there somewhere that I don’t remember. All in all I’ve never been let stranded with any of them. They are just good trucks.


    FIRST RAM , a 2000 quad cab

  • Bruce Branstad

    1994 Dodge Ram 2500 with the Turbo Cummins Diesel. Never owned one, but got my attention and started a “Lust” that took almost 20 years to extingish when I bought my first RAM a couple of years ago, a 2008 RAM 2500 Cummins 6.7L.

  • Crisberg

    I’m a young contractor (born 1991) I have loved the 94and up style since I was 8 years old and as a got older my buddies had dodges and I loved them a bad a couple cars but when I started working I got a 94 cummins 2wd rack body 1 1/2 years later i sold it for twice what I paid for it and it was my down payment on an 04.5 cummins 3500 6speed in was 7 years old and only 30k miles. I’ve recently gone back to my roots and bought a secondary truck and in my opinion is the exact truck I picture when somebody says dodge pickup. Blue 97 sport single cab 2500 360 gas 5speed trans

  • Heather

    I bought a 1991 D150 Ram from a guy who got it from a guy who bought him at auction. I first saw him in a field by his house, shining gold in the sun. I named him Hamburger Dan. The first thing I fixed was the fuel pump. The last things, the ones I couldn’t fix, were the rust and the head gasket. Between those two was a love affair that lasted almost a decade. We crossed states, we went deep into the woods to cut down trees, we ate about 150,000 miles. I am not ashamed to say that Dan was my best friend. It’s been two years since he died and I am still in mourning. From now on, every vehicle I own will be black.

  • Eugene O’Neill

    I first fell in love with Dodge trucks when my dad bought a 1968 Dodge Adventurer with 318 v 8 and and automatic with the gear shift on the dashboard.I don’t know how many loads of wood,cattle feed and bales of hay that truck hauled but it never failed to get the job done. Then in 1985 I bought my first Dodge Ram with the Rams head on the hood. I loved that truck and used it to haul wood,lumber and what seemed like a couple hundred acres of garden soils and mulch. Today I have a 2004 Dodge 1500 and use it on a regular basis to haul trailer loads of wood,clear brush, and anything else that needs moved around the farm.

  • Kenneth B Visscher

    I have a 1993 Cummings Ram 3/4 ton truck with 119000 original miles on it. Did not run it much and never ran it in the winter. It was only a two wheel drive model but that did not matter much. I can pick up a huge silage bale of hay or anything else for that matter. The tongue weight is up to 950 pounds so holiday trailers that are large are easily handled. Three hitch systems. No rust. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h83mipU8VZ8

  • alex

    I love my dodge ram 1500, its a 2 door shortbed white 1999 model with a 318 and 2wd. Completely original. No body seems to get how cool of a vehicle it really is.. It used to be an old CAL FIRE Pickup But that trucks just as much of a muscle car as it is a truck. Iv out ran new tundras and fox body mustangs and on a daily basis I haul near 1500lbs in the bed sometimes it gets to a full ton (lumber and drywall ext..) its such a capable truck for what options it has. For some reason I hate driving any other vehicle, nothing feels right while I’m driving unless I’m in my little white ram.

  • Richard Laster

    I was always a Ford guy as a teenager and into adulthood but when my dad bought a 1997 Ram 1500 regular cab with the 5.2L engine I was slowly converted. When my company van for sales died on me in 2000 the company allowed me to use my dad’s truck to do my route. It was than I was hooked. The then offered me to buy my own vehicle and they would pay me mileage. I went out and bought me a 2000 Dodge Ram Quad Cab 1500. I got 245000 miles until the transmission went out. I then traded for a 2004 Ram 1500 and got 465000 miles out my Hemi until a deer and I had a collision. I still own the 2004 and drive it around as a work truck. I then bought another 2000 Ram 1500 extended cab truck for sales and have gotten 265000 miles out of it and still driving it today also. I have just recently purchased a 2009 Ram 1500 Crew Cab and I am absolutely loving it. We hear a lot of talk about Toyota dependability but I would put my 3 Rams up against any Tundra. I love my RAMS!!!

  • Jose Miranda

    I fell in love with ram trucks from the moment my dad bought a 2000 Dodge ram 1500 sport quad cab. With a 5.9 gorgeous truck. I have since been a huge Dodge truck guy. In the past year I have purchased my first ram trucks. First being a 1997 Dodge ram 1500 slt regular cab with a 5.2 and the other being a 1998 Dodge ram 1500 slt quad cab 5.2. now, for the main reason I’m here! For all of you guys and galls who may have a Dodge ram with a sport bumper and are doing the 4th gen conversion. I want to buy your bumper! I have been hunting for a sport bumper and can’t find them. Either I have to buy the whole truck or I have to pay and arm and a leg. If y’all have one or know of someone. Let me know . I WANT TO BUY THAT SPORT BUMPER!!!!