What Do You Use Your Ram Truck For?

If you own a Ram Truck product, odds are that you know you can do just about anything that comes to mind. Need to move a family member across the country? We’ve got you covered. How about putting that Vermont snow in its place? Yeah, we can handle that too. Heck, if there’s a job that needs doing, we’d be surprised if there isn’t a Ram Truck built for the job. We’ve spent days on days working to make sure that our trucks are tough enough to take whatever you can throw at them, and now we want to know how exactly you use your Ram Truck.


As we start our Real People, Real Trucks series on how hardworking Ram Truck owners use their vehicles in Pittsburg, Iowa, Oklahoma and across the country, we want to hear how you put yours to the test.


Drop us a line in the comments to give us an idea of how your truck gets the job done. We want to hear about it all – from getting the kids to school to slogging through belly-deep in mud on the farm.


We love a good story! If you’ve got pictures to go along with your story, drop them on our Flickr page.


    Mostly a daily driver,and even weekend cruiser,as it is always clean and gets lots of looks ! But in my spare time I restore old Mopar’s..So I have a car trailer and pick up some old beasts that I restore,or going to restore someday.That is what I use my DODGE truck for..

  • Dodgelady

    “Baby” is a 4×4 but never sees offroad….lol….always clean, n ready to rock, with her custom paint, graphics, and accessories shes a head turner n show stopper! Between her sweet sound n bumpin sound system u can hear her commin! (3 pg featured…Dodge Truck World Magazine)….i do tow the bike trailer, and use her for small stuff…lol….