Show Us Your Trucks!


Remember how we asked you to submit photos of your Ram to our Flickr pool, and said we’d post our favorites to this page? Well, if you haul your eyes down and to the right on this page, you’ll see our pick of 20 great shots of your trucks, posted here for the world to admire in slideshow form. But there’s more: We want to tell the stories behind your Ram’s excellent adventures. In the comment box below, tell us in 100 words or less why you, of all people, deserve to be profiled on this site as our Ram Owner of the Week. Be convincing, be devoted, be honest — but above all, be entertaining when you tell us what your Ram has done to go above and beyond (or through, or over, or around) the call of duty. The best story of trucking glory will win RamZone immortality.

  • Garry Whitney

    For almost 20 years a Ford truck had resided in my driveway; today the world sees a ’09 Ram 1500 Laramie proudly bearing a custom front plate screaming “RAMMINIT” for all the neighbors to see. To see one of these trucks is too like it, to drive one is too LOVE IT! Everytime I have to punch it I am slammed into the seat by 390 hp of HEMI and reminded of my beloved ’69 Road Runner or my ’68 GTX. In those by gone years, I ate Firebirds and crapped Mustangs, today all you will see is my dual exhast and my custom license plate frame, “Yeah it’s a HEMI.” See ya F-150 in my rear view mirror!

  • Kevin Sean Lee

    We had a pretty good snow fall here in New Jersey just before Christmas. I work for a local towing company and we were all out covering accidents and doing winch outs. I was out in my 96′ Dodge Ram 1500 when I can across a local Police officer sitting behind a tractor trailer stuck in a 21″ deep snow bank. I told the officer I’d get the truck pulled out. I took a 20′ lenght of chair, hooked it to the rear of my Dodge and the front of the truck. I had the driver put the truck in low, ease out on the clutch and just steer towards the back of my truck. I put my Dodge in 4low, put it into gear and pulled like hell! 7 minutes later the truck was out of the snow, the road was clear and the officer wanted to trade his Ford in for a Dodge. Thank You for building trucks that can and will get the job done!

  • ramzone

    Garry and Kevin, great stories! Thanks for posting.

  • jim parker

    i recently purchased a 2010 ram 1500 4×4.i love the way it handles and performs,but very disappointed to hear from my dealer that i cannot purchase a plug/play brake controller from the dodge dealer parts dept.

  • ramzone

    Hey, Jim, we’re looking into this…

  • billie joe

    i own a 2006 dodge ram 1500 big horn edition.
    it is the most incredible, powerful, and beautiful pick up truck i have ever owned.

    i have been hauling fire wood for sometime. and let me tell you the HEMI is so darn powerful.!

    GO RAM!!

  • D krueger

    I own a 2009 dodge ram 1500, it is my 3rd dodge. My last one jus required way too much work and tlc to keep up with, it was a ram 2500 with a hemi. I chose the 1500 because I liked dodge and because they have so many cab styles to choose from, mine is the crew cab. Only thing I’m disapoonted in is the lower a arms are showing wear on them from turning to sharp with movement in the suspension. I’m wanting to put a 6 inch pro comp lift kit on it and I hope that this will solve my issues with the truck. That and the ESP system, with my job and the roads I travel on, that system will get me into some hairy situations! I’d like to have it completely removed when I raise my truck.