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We love the community at RamZone and we enjoy reading all of the feedback you give us. We like to think of this entire site as one big conversation, but what’s a friendly chat if we can’t look you in the eye? Since we haven’t filed the patent rights on our virtual transport machine yet, we’re opting for the next best thing: Gravatars. Now, you can upload a picture to your RamZone account that will appear next to every comment you leave and allow us to put a face to a name. It will also make identifying you in the FBI line-up much easier, so remember to keep your comments PG-13.


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  • robert mayer

    I love dodge ram trucks have been driving them since my first new ram in 1985

  • I have had 6 Dodge diesels ever since the first one came out. Just ordered a 7th one March 3, 2012. The Cummins engine is hard to beat for towing. I made a number of trips from MN to AZ pulling a 5th wheel RV that weighed 13,000 empty. The exhaust brake should be a nice addition now.