Send Us Your Best Ram Truck Job and Be Showcased on Ramzone!

In 1939, Dodge introduced the idea of a “Job Rated” truck. A “Job Rated” truck like the 1941 ½-Ton model shown above;  indicated that it met the needs for the job that the customer was purchasing it for.

Fast forward to today; Ram Trucks continues to be a leader in providing trucks for the job, both on and off-road.

We would like to use this opportunity to hear about your “Job Rated” experiences you have had with your Ram Truck!

Just after the new year, we will select the most compelling stories (complete with photographs) submitted and will plan on showcasing them here on RamZone!

Please submit all of your stories in th e comments below, with a link to your photo on our flickr group!  Best of luck!

  • J.A.W

    This has nothing to do really with the posting above, but I would like to say thank you. Yesterday I was hit by a 16 year old driver texting on his phone going 50mph while running a red light as i was crossing a intersection, that totaled my 1999 ram 2500 quad sport 4×4, but i was left with only a few cracked ribs. I swear if it wasn’t for that truck i would have suffered far worse injuries or even worse. I am completely thankful to Dodge for the quality machine i was able to drive (even if i only had the truck since October of this year) that saved me from this horrible incident. So yes maybe this does relate to this posting by saying my truck did do it’s job, by keeping me safe. I have no pictures at this time since i didn’t have time to take any, but il try to grab some from the police. Thanks again. DODGE4LIFE.

  • Chris Seeman

    I just wanted to get my story out about my 1997 Dodge Ram 4×4, in Feburary we had a great deal of snow here in Ohio, one one particular day i received a phone call asking if I could pull out a semi stuck in the snow. i said sure I do own a Dodge when I got there the truck was buried up to the axles so I hooked a chain on the back of the semi and my Dodge and put my truck in 4 low and bagan pulling the truck out. all for of my tires were spinning the truck ws bouncing and I just kept going and the semi came out! I was excited to know that my 14 year old truck could still pull out a semi stuck in the snow! The trucker was shocked that i got it out but i knew My Dodge could do it! I just want everyone to know that no matter how old your dodge gets it’s still going to have the muscle to pull pretty much anything out you need!