Real People, Real Trucks | The Muddier the Better

Real People, Real Trucks | The Muddier the BetterIt seems to us that the Real People, Real Trucks story series has experienced a shortage of mud lately. This week we get to remedy that by featuring a photo submitted by Michael H. of Eugene, Oregon. Michael’s story, below, is followed by a request from us to you for pictures and stories of a similar nature—that is, muddy.

This is my 1996 V-10 Ram Truck. I use it to pull my fifth wheel and as my everyday driver and to push as far as I can through the mud and snow. I have owned both Chevy and Ford, but nothing runs like a Ram truck. This is my second one now, but it really needs the Cummins® engine in it. That one is next.

Thanks for sharing, Michael. And, whenever you’re ready, check out this page for more information on that Cummins engine you mentioned as well as the new Ram trucks in which the engine is available.

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