Real People, Real Trucks | The Five-Year Plan

Real People, Real Trucks | The Five-Year PlanPhoto from Ram Truck files

This week’s edition of Real People, Real Trucks comes to us all the way from New Gloucester, Maine, where Robert J. is on the five-year plan, purchasing a new Ram 2500 roughly every half decade. Here’s his story.

I just purchased my fourth Ram truck since 1999. They have all been Ram 2500s—regular cabs, quad cabs, and now a crew cab. I have hauled a 30-foot travel trailer from Maine to Pennsylvania and various locations between, and in the last six years I’ve also added a plow.

I truly have enjoyed driving and using each one of these Rams trucks. They look great, have lots of power, and display great quality in their design and craftsmanship. These are great trucks. I look forward to my next one five years from now. Until then, I am going to enjoy the heck out of this one!

Thanks for writing, Robert. In five years, be sure to write in again to tell us all about your next new Ram 2500!

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