Real People, Real Trucks | Ram Reassurance

Real People, Real Trucks | Ram Reassurance

By developing state-of-the-art powertrains, air suspension systems and safety features, the Ram Trucks brand is actively working to inspire confidence in the capabilities of our trucks. Hearing stories like this one, from Nathan C. of Sandy, Utah, is proof that all our hard work is paying off. Please enjoy the latest addition to our Real People, Real Trucks story series.

I am the owner of the first and only private vault company in Utah, and I’m also a proud owner of a Ram truck. As a person in the vault industry, I feel the most reassured when my family and friends are safe. My Ram truck allows me to enjoy all my favorite things in Utah, and reassures me of the safety that I like.

Thank you for submitting your story, Nathan. We enjoyed reading it very much.

  • SMH

    why can’t you get a 1500 long bed with a V8, that is dumb.