Real People, Real Trucks | Ram Does What Chevy Can’t

Real People, Real Trucks | Ram Does What Chevy Can’t2007 Ram 1500 – Photo from Ram Trucks files

The stories in the Real People, Real Trucks series are often about impressive feats accomplished by Ram trucks, old and new alike. Today, we present one of our favorite stories yet. It comes to us from Concord, NC, where Cindy L. and her husband have their son and his Ram truck to thank for saving their Kenworth big rig.

My husband and I own a 2004 Kenworth W9. The truck weighs about 22,000 pounds with both fuel tanks full. Late one night while backing into our driveway, Dean, my husband, missed the drive and managed to get the truck stuck. The tractor is 32 feet long, so it was blocking most of the two-lane road.

I ran to get our Chevy dually to pull us out. Ha! The Kenworth would not budge. We called our son. He jumped in his ’07 Ram 1500 half-ton pickup and came flying across the pasture, hoping to get there before someone crashed into us. Dean had the chain ready when he backed to the rear of the tractor. He put it in drive and pulled the tractor back, along with 5 feet of asphalt and dirt. The Ram truck never even grunted.

Real People, Real Trucks | Ram Does What Chevy Can’tThe Kenworth pulled free by a Ram Truck

Great story, Cindy. We’re glad to hear that everything worked out.

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