Real People, Real Trucks | A Truck “Just Like Me”

Real People, Real Trucks | A Truck “Just Like Me”

Ram Trucks logo 1997 – 98

The Real People, Real Trucks blog series here on RamZone has always been a terrific venue for folks to share great stories of their Ram trucks, from tales of high mileage to dependability to capability to plain old longevity. Today’s story, from Darrin V. of Gore, Virginia, incorporates a little bit of everything. Take it away, Darrin!

I have a 1997 Ram 1500 4×4 with extended cab long bed, purchased new. It’s been cross-country a few times, and back and forth to work many times. It has been in continuous use for 17 years. Did I mention it has 311k miles on it? It has a little gray on top, just like me, and it doesn’t move as fast as it used to, but it keeps on going, just like me. It still can move a lot of whatever needs to be moved. Just like me.

Thanks for sharing your story, Darrin. It pleases us to know that your old Ram truck has been so dependable for all these years.

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