Reader-Submitted Story – Happy Birthday to Old Gray

The all-business, short-and-to-the-point attitude is partly what we like about this week’s installment in our Real People, Real Trucks series. We also like the picture, which, from our perspective, makes story contributor Joseph D.’s Ram Truck look about as tough as they come.

This Labor Day weekend, my horse turned 10 years old. He’s a good horse, a powerful brute with a sleek and glossy coat, one that looks better with age. God willing, Old Gray and I will ride together for at least another 15 years, and he’ll be recognized as a “Historic Vehicle.” He deserves it.

Here’s to hoping Joseph’s Ram Truck gets all that it deserves, and more! To the rest of our RamZone readers, please remember that you’re invited to submit your own Ram stories here or by clicking the Real People, Real Trucks button located to the right of this post.