Reader-Submitted Story — Evolving Power

In this week’s edition of Real People, Real Trucks, we get to see a family tradition in the making. First, one Ram Truck led to another Ram Truck and now Jacob R., writer of this story, seems to be predicting that a third Ram Truck is all but guaranteed.

When my dad got his Ram, it was a 1999 Ram 1500 Sport fully loaded with just about everything you could want in a truck. After that we got dual exhaust and some 22-inch rims, and it looked pretty cool. Before we bought it, my dad looked at Chevy and Ford, but Ram was the best. We had the 5.9 Magnum with 245 HP, which was good back then.

In December 2006, my dad rolled in with a 2007 Ram 1500 Sport. It was very cool and fully loaded just like the last one, but this one had the Hemi! It had exactly 100 more HP, and when you stepped on the gas, the engine roared—it was fast! I can’t wait until I get mine. Well, that’s my story and that’s why my family loves and trusts Ram.

Thanks for sharing, Jacob. When you do finally get your Ram, be sure to stop by and tell us all about it!

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