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Real People, Real Trucks | Ram Trucks, “The Best Choice”

The latest installment of Real People, Real Trucks features a longtime admirer of Ram Trucks who only recently became an owner. Leonard E. tells us the story of how he came to own the 2012 Ram 1500 from the picture … Read More >>

Real People, Real Trucks | A Truck “Just Like Me”

Ram Trucks logo 1997 – 98 The Real People, Real Trucks blog series here on RamZone has always been a terrific venue for folks to share great stories of their Ram trucks, from tales of high mileage to dependability to … Read More >>

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Real People, Real Trucks | It Takes Care of Me, I Take Care of It

As we mentioned in this blog post, June 1 through June 9, 2013, is National Fishing and Boating Week in the United States. To mark the occasion, RamZone is presenting a very special edition of Real People, Real Trucks. The … Read More >>

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Real People, Real Trucks | White Gold 2013 Big Horn Ram

Here at Ram Trucks, we’re secure enough in our designs to appreciate when people customize the look of our trucks to suit their own needs. To prove it, we have this story from Clearfield, Pennsylvania, and Ram fan Dennis K.

Real People, Real Trucks | Daily Driver with 217,000 Miles

For this week’s edition of Real People, Real Trucks, we head out to Carmi, Illinois, where, to use his own words, Ram truck owner Trevor Hart wouldn’t trade his Ram 1500 “for the world.” Take it away, Trevor!