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Real People, Real Trucks | A Stand-out Truck

The idea that somebody would change the look of a perfectly good Ram Truck does not concern us in the least. In fact, it’s just the opposite. We embrace the spirit of customization because it goes hand in hand with … Read More >>

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Real People, Real Trucks | Proud Heritage, Bright Future

Never mind that Austin, Texas, is known the world over for its vibrant music scene; for one Austin resident, there is no sweeter music than the sound of his truck’s diesel engine. Here’s Steve H. to expound on what we … Read More >>

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Real People, Real Trucks | Three Things to Love

For anybody out there compiling reasons to buy a Ram truck, here are three more to add to your list. They come courtesy of Julian C. and family, proud residents of Medford, Oregon. Take it away, Julian.

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Real People, Real Trucks | The Muddier the Better

It seems to us that the Real People, Real Trucks story series has experienced a shortage of mud lately. This week we get to remedy that by featuring a photo submitted by Michael H. of Eugene, Oregon. Michael’s story, below, … Read More >>

Real People, Real Trucks | Older Rig Can Still Pull Its Weight

Though Greg H. and Chuck G. teamed up to buy an older rig, their 1997 Ram truck seems to have no trouble pulling its weight or, for that matter, plowing through snow. Their story, coming to us all the way … Read More >>