How Long Have You Owned Your Ram Truck?

Caption: 1939 Dodge Truck

So we’ve been having some fun getting to know our fans and hearing your stories about your Ram trucks. When we asked you guys why you own one, one of the most common answers was durability and longevity. Given that we’ve been making these bad boys since the days of World War II (we introduced our first truck in 1939), we’ve become curious about just how long some of you have owned your Ram truck. Are you new to Ram trucks, or has yours been trucking along for decades now? Weigh in with a quick click on the poll below.




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  • Robert

    the Ram i have as my daily driver i have owned for a year my project truck i think i have had for two and a half three years, the Ram i had before my current daily driver i had for 2 years, i have to say i have an addiction though because i am planning on more Rams LOL

  • Anthony Morrison

    I have had my 03 Ram 1500 Laramie Off-Road for 8 year, bought it off the lot. I currently have over 168000 miles, and still going! I love the truck, and still get comments on how great it looks!

  • Jason Mckenzie

    i currently own a 96 ram 1500 that has 246000 miles and has only had normal maintenance performed on it and it runs like a top. i plan on buying more when i can.

  • ben

    my Dodge D100 has been in the family since new – Dad picked it up at the factory in 1964

  • steven

    Ive owned my 05 half ton for six month favorite truck ive ever had my 02 Dakota for 2years before that bought it off my Dad when I got my license he had it since new I grew up w/ my dad driving me around in a Dodge and will only buy Dodge so help me god if Fiat brings down Dodge and Ram trucks

  • Todd Light

    I just picked up my 2011 Ram 1500 Quad Cab SLT yesterday. I love it!!

  • Diana

    I bought my dark blue Ram 1500 SLT in 1996. I’m now at 205,000 miles and still loving it. Now I’m just waiting for the hybrid Ram to buy my next one. Any news on that?

  • joe

    Have had my 98 for 4 years (18th birthday/ highschool grad gift). plan on either rebuilding it when it dies or dropping in a mopar crate motor. currently 167,000 miles on it hope to have many many more.

  • Dodgelady

    My father was a Dodge man, so I carry the tradition! I have a 97 laramie slt 1500 and her name is Baby. She has been featured in Dodge Truck World magazine, won several awards cuz shes so damn nice…..and yesterday I got her portrait tattooed on me!…….DODGE,there is NOTHING else!

  • GREG

    I drive daiily a 96 RAM 1500 4×4 1500 with 131,000 original miles. I bought it new in 12/95. Still runs great. Only routine maintenance done to it.