A 2011 Ram Outdoorsman Brought Me to the Brand

If you haven’t taken a second to look over the 2011 Ram Outdoorsman, we recommend scooting on over to your local dealer for a closer inspection. We’re proud that our designers and engineers were able to come up with a vehicle that brought new levels of function to the pickup market, and the newest addition to our hardworking team has been responsible for at least one new fan of the Ram brand.


Ricky bought himself a 2011 Ram Outdoorsman after falling for the pickup’s design, power and safety, and managed to kick off an appreciation for the Ram Truck brand. We’ll let him take it from here.


“The truck immediately blew me away with the new design and color schemes, the expanded console design and functionality and the limitless safety and security features of this model truck.”


Ricky, we’re glad you like your new pickup.


We’ll be featuring a handful of other owner stories in the near future, so if you’ve got a good one about how you came to be a Ram Truck fan, drop it in the comments. We want to hear from you.

  • lukas pool

    are you going to put a manual transmission in the outdoors man any time soon

  • I used to sell Dodge trucks and I once bought one.  I have a free and formal written Markting Plan that’s a succenct 3 pages long.  it’s also free.