Watch the Ram 1500 Out-Tow the Ford F-150

There’s no question that Ram engineers love what they do, and they take their trucks’ performance very, very seriously. So when the time came to take a trip out west to put the new Ram 1500 through its paces, what do you think they did?


inset1They brought the competition along, of course, namely a Ford F-150. What happened? Hard evidence that the Ram 1500 can seriously out-tow the Ford F-150. And they proved it several times.


One of the tests that the Ram engineers performed was the ability to tow a trailer up a mountain. When trailer tow weight ratings are figured out, they’re done according to standards set by each individual manufacturer based on what they consider to be “optimal” for their consumers. Basically, there is no single standard that all truck-makers need to follow.


Let’s just say that we like to hold Ram up to a higher standard.


inset2So the Ram engineers wanted to fully understand how the Ram 1500 stacked up versus the Ford F-150 in uphill towing. They took a pre-production 2010 Ram 1500 Laramie and a 2009 F-150 Lariat (which was further equipped with Ford’s maximum towing package) and loaded up two trailers to get to a gross combined weight of 15,500 lbs. – and put the two vehicles through a series of tests.


So, despite the fact that the Ford F-150’s gross combined weight (GCW) rating is actually higher than the Ram 1500’s — 17,100 lbs. versus 15,500 lbs., respectively — those are just numbers.


And the numbers sometimes don’t tell the whole story, especially in real life situations. Like towing a trailer up a grade at wide-open throttle (aka WOT – think “pedal to the metal”).


Why? To prove that Ram 1500 is truly superior when the towing gets rough.


inset3The Ram has a higher combination of horsepower and torque in its 5.7L HEMI V8 – 390 hp and 407 lbs-ft to be exact. But the Ram 1500 also employs a combination of both mechanical and electronic fans to deliver a superior cooling system. And when towing those heavy loads, the Dodge Ram’s Rear Coil Spring Suspension provides 25% more lateral stiffness, resulting in a more stable and secure ride.


So the Ram 1500 not only delivers more power and stability, but also keeps its cool when needed.


Want to see proof? Watch the video of the Ram 1500 vs. Ford F-150 uphill tow:


  • PHenry

    It is the next commerical for Dodge,let the world see the “best selling truck” against, Motor Trend,and Four Wheel Drive award of the year truck.” Dodge Ram Real World Testing”. Not just on paper.Nothing out there out performs the 5.7L Hemi. Wards 10 Best Powertrain,Cylinder deactivation the list goes on.

  • AmericanTruckGuy

    I’m more of a Ford guy, but I can say I’m impressed. Unfortunantly, that Plantinum he’s driving isn’t so good at towing. Glad to see some competition. Congratulations, Dodge, glad to have you running the country with Ford… To bad about GM. But hey, I know one thing…


    Okay, I’m better now. Best wishes to Dodge.

  • Nice test by some dedicated people it seems. Keep up the good work!

  • Michael Gallun

    Horrible test, Comparing a up to date Dodge Engine with the oldest Truck engine on the market… there are alot of other factors that the test did that is a bit Dodge Biased.

    Lets see if these boys come back and test again with the new ford 6.2 comes out. i doubt it.

  • denver morford

    yeah, sure. if hte new ford 6.2 doesn’t outperform dodge’s 5.7 I’d be shocked. you know what else? the fugly ford 450 super duty also out tows the dodge 1500 as well. this was an apples to apples comparison and the Dodge simply is superior in every way to the best ford has to offer.

    now IF the 6.2 ever comes out, its been rumored for a decade now, I’m sure dodge will have a truck version of the srt 6.1.

  • Bill

    Gallum, it’s not Dodge’s fault Ford loves to sit on old technology… if it’s what they want let them have it! As for the 6.2… who cares… there’s a 6.1 Dodge can put in the pickups without any issues. On top of it, Denver is right, the new Fords are BUTT UGLY!
    For what it’s worth Dodge kept the inline 6 Cummins from day one. Ford on the other hand, changed engines 4 times… talk about a chinese fire drill… Ford loses. Besides I’ve yet to see a Ford Diesel pull with our Cummins… bring it on!

  • John Thrower

    I am behind all the dodge ram trucks ALL THE WAY!!!

  • Smoken Smiley

    I’m infavor for all THREE DOMESTICS. Enough is enough,SAVE America and Buy American. Down with the imports. Yes, I do own a new 2010 RAM 1500 with the HEMI, BEST Truck i’ve ever had. 20mpg on highway at 67mph with cylinder deactivation, 70mph=16mpg. DIVIDED WE BEG, UNION WE WIN.

  • Tom

    The 6.2 will be in the SVT Raptor, currently there isnt anything in writing that says the standard F150 will see anything bigger than the new 5.0.

  • PHenry

    My guess is Ford will put the new 6.2L as the base powertrain in the 3/4 ton and 1 ton my 2011.Optional upgrade for the F150 at a later date during model year 2011-12 production run.If sales start to lag production.Dodge knows this,R Giles will not allow Ford to beat Dodge in the 1/2 ton segment in fuel mileage,towing performance,they know they can build on the current gen 5.7L Hemi.This video shows that even with Fords higher GCVR limits the updated Dodge 5.7L is outperforming the 5.6L Triton.Dodge knows it also will have better fuel mileage with the current gen 5.7L than the Ford’s 6.2L.It seems to be that Ford is now setting it sites on GM new 6.2L in it’s 1/2 and 3/4 ton.Optional 6.2L upgrade in the 1/2 ton segment,for GM.Time will tell if all 3 trucks will go to a 6.2L,as a optional upgrade powertrain,currently all 3 charge for the 5.3,5.6,5.7 upgrades.Powertrain upgrades run around 1500.00 dallors and up now.Oh and Smoken I have seen Dodge Ram engineer’s state they saw 22mpg during testing with a Regcab 5.7L running a 3:21 axle.Were are fast approaching 3/4 lower end tow limits with 1/2 tons know.And when not towing getting 20-22 miles per gallon around the city,this helps when selling a truck to your wife when trading in the Toyota Tacoma,or better still the Ford F150.

  • J.A.W

    Well ford is always the one saying that they let their trucks speak for themselves, after they pussied-out on the truck pull challenge with GM and I have yet to witness ANY STOCK ford out pull ANY STOCK dodge in either a video or in person. I had a 1999 ram 1500 (had to sell it, worse day of my life) my dad has an 04′ 2500, uncle has a 98′ 1500, and my grandpa has a 94′ 1500. There is nothing like a dodge. DODGE4LIFE

  • alex

    ford has has told the world that they had supier towing capabilities but as always dodge has showed them wrong. and if ford can’t stant the heat stay out of pickup truck production

  • JImbo

    Yeah that was a dumb video, some numbers don’t lie Ford out sells dodge and chevy combined in truck sells, what does that say?

  • I have a really powerful urge to see things work.

  • Dylan

    Ford is still better