Trucks that Work

Big jobs, tough jobs and odd jobs are all over the country. Everyday people depend on the hard workers willing to do whatever it takes to get a job done. What do the hard workers depend on? Their trucks. See what jobs need a tough truck to get through the day.

Forestry Roads – Inspection & Maintenance
Getting to work in the woods can be a job in itself. Keeping firebreaks cleared and open at high altitudes can be grueling to say the least. Steep hills, thick vegetation, and uneven terrain make this job anything but a walk in the park.

OTR Industrial Tire Technician
OTR or Off The Road tires on heavy excavating and mining equipment can be up to 15 feet tall and weight upwards of 7500 lbs. That’s one big job, and the ride to work alone puts working trucks to the test. Technicians often see challenging terrain on the way to remote sites where they repair or replace these giant tires. The Ram trucks become an offices, equipment haulers, whatever it takes to get the job done.

Hot Air Balloon Chase Vehicle Driver
They, let’s call ‘em aviation entrepreneurs, are about to crank up 10-20 million BTU’s, fill up a balloon with hot air and send perfect strangers into the atmosphere for the ride of their life. Most hot air balloon rides carry passengers roughly 15 miles from their starting point depending on conditions. A good chase vehicle to haul the cargo trailer with ease and reliability is a requirement to ensure many happy landings.

Big Sky Country Cattle Rancher
You get two seasons on a Montana cattle ranch—the work season and the frozen work season. Hauling hay and mending fences doesn’t stop because the thermometer has dipped below zero and it’s snowing. Trucks take a beating off the pavement, experience extreme weather conditions, and must haul heavy loads up long grades and through mountain passes.

Railroad Track Inspector
You’ve got to wonder about the decision to willing drive up and onto a set of railroad tracks to start your day. Track inspectors have to fire up the truck and follow the tracks to inspect miles of roadbed. This is one where you’d better be sure you’ve got gas in the tank and that your vehicle can handle some steel bumps in the road.