Truck Trend Tests the 2010 Heavy Duty



The guys at Truck Trend Magazine were lucky enough to get their hands on the brand new Ram Heavy Duty 2500 and 3500.


They really put the HD to the test – and they’re not shy about how much they enjoyed the ride. The whole drool-inducing report details all the new features and performance upgrades for the line.

  • Marty Canillas

    When are you guys going to come back to life? I went to “Build & Price ” a New 2010 Dodge Ram 2500HD and the internet site doesn’t even have them on the site yet! What’s up Dodge?
    Do you want to sell your Trucks or what?

  • Jeff

    Still waiting to build and price one, it’s time to buy, lots of commercials on TV and internet but no trucks out?????? When will get to actually see one that we can buy?

  • Mike

    Still no trucks available on the lots or orderable in 3500 drw crewcab laramie.
    Come on Fiat, where are the trucks??
    Your keeping your customers from taking advantage of the stimulus package, but you guys got your share. ? Buy a Ford???

  • ramzone

    Marty, we’re working on it. The apps should be launching soon. Glad to hear there’s interest!