To Everything, With Everything — A Todo, Con Todo

Ram Trucks like the Laramie Longhorn capture the spirit of the American Southwest – big in style with luxury leather, filigree detailing, and saddleback seat pouches. And like the Longhorn, our entire truck lineup is big in power, payload, and towing – truly the embodiment of the motto: ‘A Todo, Con Todo’ (To Everything, With Everything).

Whether working on a ranch or hauling a heavy load down the highway, Ram Trucks are built with hard work in mind, ready to carry the weight and keep money in the pockets of consumers with great fuel economy. That’s why our 390-horsepower Hemi® V-8 engine offers up to 20 highway miles per gallon.

In regions like Texas where Ram Trucks’ consumers are so powerfully situated, we’re proud to be a part of Southwestern pride and work ethic. Check out “Gas Mileage for the Working Man” –

More at the A Todo, Con Todo playlist on YouTube.