Reader-Submitted Story: A Ram Down Under

2012 Ram 3500 Interior – Photo from Ram Truck files

In this week’s installment of our Real People, Real Trucks series, Conn S. takes us half a world away and across 6,000 miles of Australia. That’s a long trip, so we’d better get started!

We have just returned from a 10,000 km trip around the east coast of Australia with our awesome 2012 Ram 3500 Laramie, towing our offshore superboat and competing in the Australian Offshore Superboat series. The RAM towed the 12,000 lb. gooseneck trailer perfectly. It never missed a beat.

There are many long stretches of one-lane highway in Australia, and Ram’s awesome acceleration and torque were perfect for overtaking the long lines of road trains that are a common sight on Australian roads, along with the myriad of caravans (RVs). The fuel economy with such a large trailer was unbelievable. The large size of the Mega Cab also made it very comfortable for the passengers on such a long trip. We travelled in Laramie luxury all the way!

Thanks for sharing, Conn. Just one question for you: How fast does your superboat go?

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