Ram® HD Live Chat Session

UPDATE: Thanks to everyone that participated in the Ram HD live chat.  For anyone that missed that chat, watch the replay after the jump below.

Got questions? We’ve got answers. Tonight on RamZone we are offering you the ability to interact with the minds behind the Ram® brand.

From 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm EST we go live with our Ram HD Live Chat Session, giving you the opportunity to not only meet and greet the designers and engineers of our award winning trucks, but also to dive deep into the world of our Heavy Duty models. This evening’s session turns the focus on our Heavy Duty 2500 and 3500 models, discussing the line’s towing and hauling capabilities, and of course all the other great features our Heavy Duty models have to offer. Stay tuned as we lift the hood on the 2500 and focus on the power and torque created by our 5.7L HEMI® and Cummins Turbo Diesel offerings.


So, sync your watch, mark your calendar and tune in tonight at 6:00 pm EST. For those of you that need a reminder, follow the link below, we’ve got you covered.


  • James

    I feel Dodge should go toward DEF since the Powerstroke and Duramax has gotten back the fuel mileage of the pre-emission diesel trucks. I don’t seeing it being a problem every 5-7,000 miles to fill.

  • Sam D.

    Hi Ram Guys.
    I work in construction and have almost all ram trucks. Love the trucks but there are some things missing for people like me.

    1. A 3500 regular cab single wheal in gass. The competiton has it and its what I need. There is no reason Ford can have a F350 reg cab pickup with single rear wheals and a 11,500gvw and Dodge cant? I have been forced to add leafs to a 2500 for years now.

    2. Put the upfitter switches in pickups. Ford and GM do this and it makes it so much easyier for guys like me to run lights and stuff that we need. It also is cleaner than drilling holes in my$ 50,000 dash.

    3. We need a higher front axle rating. There should be a 6000lbs option for all pickups, even the gass ones.

    4. My latest truck, a 2011 ram 25000 hemi still shifts wrong for a work truck. It always wants to be in too high of a gear.

    5. Can a higher rated tire be put on these trucks. My trucks run loaded every day and they eat these light duty tires. Can a heavier duty tire be made from the factory?

  • shawn

    so why no ho with a manual transmission?

  • Perry

    Hey guys. Sadly, I missed the chat, but had an important question for you. First, I switched from Duramax to Cummins in ’04, and cannot foresee ever going back. Ram trucks are that good. I prefer a manual transmission in my trucks, but now that the higher output ones are only available with the automatic, I am on my second automatic now (’08, ’10). While it has been a dependable transmission, I have noticed a rather huge flaw in it. When I am towing heavy loads at work (12 to 16 thousand pounds), the transmission is a major weak link in an otherwise rock solid truck. I say this due to the fact that transmission lockup is not available below 30 mph. If you saw the roads we have to travel at work, 30mph is often 10 to 15mph over what can be considered reasonable & safe for conditions. As you can imagine, traveling 15 to 20mph up & down hills with a heavy load & no transmission lockup, the transmission heats up very quickly. I have had to pull over a couple of times now due to warning lights for transmission temp, which is also not a very safe thing to do where I work. Ram needs to do something with these transmissions so that they are all speed capable at their rated load capacity, or better yet, please give me a manual transmission with the high output engine. Thanks

  • fmilne

    Love the live chats

  • Roper Merrifield

    What is the projected price for the Ram Longhauler?