Ram Commercial with Keegan Ales – “That Truck is Known All Over Town”


No business is bad business when you’re putting your Ram Truck to work. We recently had the chance to speak to Tommy Keegan, the founder of Keegan Ales in Kingston, NY, about how he uses his Ram Truck in the brewing industry. At Keegan Ales, they use the Ram Truck for all sorts of things, as Tommy was happy to share with us.

It has carried many, many kegs and cases of beer … and still runs like new. When not hauling beer, we use it constantly to run to the hardware store for supplies or to the store for supplies for our bar/restaurant. We also log a lot miles all over the Tri-State Area making sales calls.

When you spend this much time working, there has to be time for fun, too, right? We asked Tommy if he had any good stories about the Keegan Ale Ram Truck.

I take great care of the engine; it runs great, and the interior is still like new. All of the dents and scratches on the exterior are from me “playing” with it off-road. It is as much fun as it is dependable.

Of course, as you can see in the pictures, this truck is always working. Even when it isn’t hauling kegs and cases or making store runs, this Ram is advertising for Keegan Ales.

All of my staff loves driving it. It looks great and runs great. Plus, it sounds great, too. That truck is known all over town. I am often asked to bring it to events that we sponsor.

So, Tommy Keegan and his crew love having the Ram Truck for work at Keegan Ales. We know you like to put yours to use, too. Let us know how your Ram Truck is there for your business in the comments below, or share your story with us on Real People, Real Trucks.