Real People, Real Trucks | Ram 2500: “The Power Is Awesome”

Real People, Real Trucks | Ram 2500: “The Power Is Awesome”Here at Ram Trucks, we take into account the fact that potential buyers come in all different heights, and we take pride in the technological and design advancements that make stepping into our trucks convenient for just about anyone, including Maris H., 72-year-old grandmother, Oregon resident and brand-new owner of a Ram 2500. Here’s her story.

We just bought a Dodge Ram 2500 with Cummins® engine. At 5’2″ I have to say it’s the easiest truck I have ever climbed into. The power is awesome. In fact, I am a lead-foot grandma, age 72, and really have to pull in on the horns to stay legal on the highway. Go, Ram Trucks!

Your enthusiasm for Ram Trucks is inspiring, Maris. Just be sure to always obey traffic laws and speed limits while enjoying that new Ram truck.

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*Photo from Ram Trucks files – Ram 2500 with Cummins® Engine

  • Valerie

    This may be an unusual question, but the Western novel I’m writing features a

    Dodge Ram truck. I wrote: “Born for the dirt road, the truck’s chassis flexed and leaned through turns . . . ” One of my editors wrote in the margin of my chapter:
    “The chassis does not flex. It’s made to be rigid. What flexes is the suspension.”
    I want to describe this truck’s action correctly. Can anyone help?
    Thanks, Valerie