Rams Gone Wild (Oh Yeah, There’s Video)

While we were busy flirting with an imminent, dusty death in Moab trying to capture that perfect shot (pro tip: invest in a good zoom lens), our friends over at the Chrysler Blog were filming some choice footage of our custom Rams crawling the desert. In addition to the jacked-up, armored-out Ram Runner and the Moparized Power Wagon, we were also running a bone stock Power Wagon.


Hit the jump to check out the vids.



  • Canadian Dodge Ram

    Do not let Hyundai use a rebadged Dodge Ram !!!

    Your Ram sales will drop to nothing,people are already confused,upset about the non Dodge Ram trucks,,(as you can see from your 1500 sales) Funny,best truck out there and it should be selling like mad..Do not let Hyundai use a Ram chassis !! You will forever soil the Ram name !!