Let the Engineers Walk You Around the 2010 Ram HD


“The 2010 Ram Heavy Duty will look like a completely new truck,” begins Mark Allen, Chief Designer, Jeep and Ram Truck — but the changes to the 2010 Ram HD are much more than skin deep. From improved aerodynamics and braking (including a new integrated trailer brake controller, an exhaust brake, and increased brake surface area to maximize braking power) to increased storage functionality and towing capacity (it boasts a tow rating of 18,500 pounds and payload rating of 5,100 pounds), the Ram HD is now officially the most capable truck on the market.


In this video, Ram engineers and designers talk you through some of the key features — the most interesting clip is when Chief Ram Engineer Mike Cairns uses a surgically cut-open Ram as a teaching tool: “In addition to completely retuning front and rear springs and shocks, we‘ve also developed what’s called a ‘hydromount,'” he explains. “This is the body mount between the frame and the cab. It’s like another shock absorber to help isolate out some of that shake motion you get in typical pickup trucks.”

  • I recently phusraced a 2011 Ram 2500 5.7L Hemi 4 4 and the tow ratings say for the 11 model that my max tow rating is about 11k. The Hemi Power train in my 2500 feels that it could pull way more than rated after I towed 10kish the other day. Are you guys planning on updating the tow ratings on the Hemi powered 2500s?Also it had no problems with 5% inclines either with all the weight I pulled.