Klaus Obermeyer Gives a Sneak Peek into the Making of “Ram Truck of the ___”

Check out the Ram “Behind The Scenes” video, and get all the inside information on the latest epic Ram Trucks brand TV commercial about to be released for the Ram Heavy Duty pickup truck – celebrating its status as the 2010 Motor Trend Truck of the Year®.


This piece was produced by the well-known Aero Films, and filmed and directed by acclaimed director Klaus Obermeyer, known for his outstanding extreme sports cinematography and whose credits include work with other major advertisers like Visa, Sony, Bridgestone, Gillette, GM, and Nissan.


Filmed in a variety of locations throughout California, Nevada, New Mexico, and Arizona, the new “Truck of the _____” TV spot celebrates the nobility of grueling, gritty, and tough jobs that build America and keep it rolling, and most importantly, it celebrates the authentic men and women who perform these tasks. Throughout the production, Aero Films worked hard to cast real people who perform these tasks every day, for realism and authenticity. Many shown here are not actors. These guys (and gals) are the real deal!


The creative combines a variety of dramatic scenes and breathtaking scenery including the mountains of Mammoth, California, the Hoover Dam, and the Nevada desert. Locations and jobs fit for one truck, and one truck only: the all-new 2010 Ram Heavy Duty. In addition, a spectacular fire scene was staged at a warehouse in downtown Los Angeles, and the backlot at Universal Studios was employed to create a realistic disaster scene. All created to connect with the human spirit and celebrate the honorable work done by everyday heroes.


Watch the video and learn even more about some of the unique film techniques and proprietary equipment used to create this larger-than-life production.

  • J.A.W

    Very cool. Best trucks in the world!

  • Mark

    Why are your trucks not selling as good as they should be ? Because you dont mention Dodge !! People are put off by the distancing of Dodge from Ram..just what I have heard around here anyways,my two cents..like I said before it puts a bad taste in my mouth.. with no Dodge ram they are totally turned off by this,as proud Chrysler,Dodge owners ,we see the future of Fiat,Ram,Jeep so they buy Ford,Ford,Ford !!! Hell,I am a loyal Dodge guy,as is my dad,brothers,sister,a few relatives,friends and some are now considering other brand purchases because of this truck name disaster..and uncertainty ..

  • steve deruosi

    hey mark: I am so sick and tired of everyone whining about the ram name change , I own an 06 ram 2500 and have owned four others thru the years . I could care less what they call it, they are still a great truck made from the dodge legacy. the name is RAM get over it ! It is and will be the only truck I will ever own . Sure I’ve seen a few nice ford and chevy trucks but I would rather walk than own one. Long live RAM!!!! Mark move on or move out .

  • Mark

    I am a Dodge guy…and obviously real Dodge loyalists have this concern as Ram truck sales are in the tank..bottom of the barrel right now..9,000 units per month and alot of that is do to the uncertainty of its future and the name change really made this uneasy for us !!! (Mopar club member) and I think Fiat is getting ready to ditch Chrysler and Dodge and have Fiat,Ram and Jeep…..42 Mopars I have owned personally 6 Dodge trucks from 2000-now…Thanks to Mercedes/bad management who screwed Chrysler in 1998 we are now in this position !!!!…

    Furthermore,ever wonder why the award winning,journelist praised trucks are not selling like they should ? Yeah….the name Ram we want Dodge trucks !!!!! It makes Chrysler group inferior that they cant manage a Dodge car,van,suv and truck models together…everybody is scratching their heads over this,as you say move on or move out..it seems more people are moving out and that is not good for Ram,their sales will deminish …would of been so simple..keep it Dodge Ram..they must of listened to the Europeans,because when you mention Dodge here,people think,Charger,Challenger,Caravan..What is next a Caravan brand ?That would be logical coming from the reasoning Dodge gave…for Ram brand ,I want a Caravan brand and a Challenger brand !!

  • steve

    Mark I feel your concern but i am an independent contractor and none of the guys i work with or other subs on the job sites have bought a new truck in the last three years , ford, chevy or dodge we all worry more about where the next paycheck will come from “not health care”. Dodge trucks have never sold more than ford or chevy even when the economy is strong but dodge truck owners are a unique breed and I have faith that things will work out in time after all chevy is in the same situation. Ford sale seem bloated because they include all of the f-series and fleet sale in the figures but lets face it they allways sold more anyway. Fiat owns a very small share of Chrysler so I dont worry about what they may or may not do. Go to Allpar.com to read everything you need to know about Chrysler and Fiat. Trust me I’m no spring chicken But I’m all so no fair weather fan , my first car was a 1970 Plymouth sport satellite and I ‘ve been Mopar ever since .

  • Mark

    It is very confusing what they are doing,they say its a Dodge Ram and its not,all I am saying they should of kept it a Dodge Ram,kind of drives a Dodge guy nuts,and may push some not so loyal Dodge guys in a Ford or Chevy just to remain sane….Look below ,I took this out of freep.com this morning..

    ***The ads also seek to distinguish the new Ram brand as separate from Dodge, although Dodge dealers will continue to sell the trucks.
    “Complete separation is what I would call it,” said Diaz. “If someone wants to say they drive a Dodge Ram that would be accurate, but you will not see the Dodge name in our advertising.”

  • vincent Castro

    name change no big deal!! Built in mexico big deal!!!! Truck needs to be built in usa!!

  • steve

    Mark, the name dodge does not appear any wear on my 2006 dodge ram 2500 and i bought the truck new, just the ram head logo on the tailgate ,steering wheel , grill and cold air box. Vincent,. Truck needs to be built in USA! What like Toyota lol

  • Mark

    Yep ,the 05-08 1500 and 05-09 2500,3500 do not say Dodge on them..the 09 1500 and 2010 1500, 2500,3500 all say Dodge on the tailgate and dash …

    Sad note,a club member is so ticked off by the non Dodge Ram,or it is a Dodge its not a Dodge just Ram.. he bought a 2010 Ford F-150 Platinum !!! I am not kidding when I say real Dodge guys are mad/upset about this, they want a Dodge Ram..time will tell,but it doesnt look too good !!

    I am a Dodge guy and if Diaz said each Ram will still be vinned as a Dodge and have the Dodge name somewhere on the truck,I will always buy one…and he said it would be accurate to call it a Dodge Ram..I am not talking about myself I am a true Mopar guy,but some other Mopar guys already caved before and bought newer Mustangs ect when Chrysler had no rwd V-8 cars,now they are ticked off about Ram..It is confusing,and I believe the sales numbers are lower in part of the confusion,since the new trucks are awesome,sales should be sky high by now !!

    I guess you should not like the RAM name ,as it is a popular Indian name in India !!!

    Also,all major companies build some models of their vehicles in Mexico….whats the difference have a vehicle made in Mexico by a Mexican or one in the USA by an Mexican..same difference..though the truck is still American ,as Mexico is part of America..as is Canada…My favorite truck is the Dodge Ram SRT 10 and they were only made in Mexico, did that stop me from buying one ? NO !!!