Fred Diaz Discusses the Laramie Limited at the Chicago Auto Show

The all new Ram Laramie Limited made its debut at the Chicago Auto Show, which is where RamZone caught up with Fred Diaz, President and CEO, Ram Truck Brand, to discuss the sleek addition to the Ram Trucks lineup.

RamZone: What, in your mind, makes the Laramie Limited stand out?

Fred Diaz: The reason the Laramie Limited stands out is it’s a statement truck. It will turn heads with the HEMI® and heavy-duty Cummins, chrome grille billets, 20-inch wheels, and plush leather interior – it’s a beautiful truck but every bit as capable; just because it looks good doesn’t mean it won’t get the job done.

RamZone: What is your favorite feature on the Laramie Limited?

Fred Diaz: Favorite feature? That’s like asking me to choose a favorite child. But I’ll go with the leather seats, the accent stitching, the attention to detail. I also like the painted front and rear bumpers, and I like having the badging off the truck in this particular model.


RamZone: What was the inspiration behind the Laramie Limited?

Fred Diaz: We got the formula right with the Laramie Longhorn. The Laramie Longhorn was inspired by the big personality of the Southwest, big belt buckles and boots. The Laramie Limited shares that big personality while being a premium truck for city dwellers in the Midwest and the Northeast. It’s a handsomely dressed truck. If you pull up with a bride in a gown and you in a tux you’ll look good.

RamZone: What then are the key differences between the two Laramie models?

Fred Diaz: The Laramie Longhorn is all about Southwestern luxury, for hauling livestock and construction equipment. The Laramie Limited will resonate with boat and motorcycle owners – the truck driver who has toys that need to be towed. The piano black interior and the styling are not as ostentatious as the Longhorn. The back of the Limited front seats, for example, are more of a pouch, less of a saddlebag as with the Longhorn.

RamZone: The Laramie Longhorn was introduced in 2009; why is now the right time for the Laramie Limited?

Fred Diaz: The awareness of Ram Trucks is taking root now that we have a laser focus on RAM. That laser focus is based on research of what our consumers need and want, and that’s reflected in our sales, which were up 42 percent YOY in January. Sam Elliott has been incredible as a spokesman, and our Hispanic advertising has resonated with consumers. Our customers asked for a luxury truck designed specifically for the city, and we delivered.

RamZone: The test track here at the Chicago Auto Show is impressive. Tell us a bit about why you decided to let customers ride in Ram Trucks at the event?

Fred Diaz: It’s our first test track this sophisticated, and our philosophy is that once people get in our trucks they’ll want to own one. So don’t take my word for it, get on the test track and see for yourself. The world has woken up and discovered Ram.