Get Inside the 2010 RAM HD with the Engineers

Get a good, hard look at the 2010 Ram Heavy Duty. As part of an “Ask the Engineers” program, the team behind the new line pulled back the curtain to answer your questions and let Ram enthusiasts know exactly what was changing for 2010.


Watch the Ram engineers and designers walk you around the truck, from changes in the body, performance, and capability.  You can see the results of their hard work in designing and improving the new Heavy Duty line.


Watch the video now

  • Love every bit of it but one more thing make it more powerful make it stronger make it a bigger Cummins more power I mean come on its Muscle Mopar best of the best more power.

  • vince

    Well its a sweet truck but it took them to long! They finaly catching up with the pack!! Ford and chevy had a true crew for years! They had sweet interrior for years!!! What the hell took Dodge so long to get there head out of there you know what and build a truck! The only reasone people were buying there 3/4 ton was for just the cummins engine!! Now that the duramax has stepted it up will dodge! there always at the back of the pack! They finally come out with a new design, sweet interior, and a true crew cab and look! Chevy and ford incresased there power for 2011. Now I wouldnt trust the ford engine but that duramax with the allison is something to worry about! Dodge did the same thing with the wimpy challenger! Put something together that people would like the looks but lacked in performence! Dont have to be the best at everything but when a srt4 is faster than a rt challenger we got a problem! I just hope dodge hasnt waitied to long to come out with this truck! I hope it is everything they say it is! The half ton is sweet!! Really like it! teh 3/4 better be just as good!

  • CumminsMan

    I love the look of the new truck! I am glad to see the heavy duties equiped with the new style this year. I will stand by my current truck (2003 Ram 2500 quad cab 4×4 Cummins 5.9L) until it reaches 300,000 miles and I know the engine will. The only thing I don’t like about owning a Dodge HD over a Ford HD is the price to replace parts, particularly front end suspension and steering. My cousin has a power choker F-350 and his part are at least 50% less expensive. I only bought my Ram because of the power and reliability of the engine and the eye pleasing body style. I was thinking of an 06 but I thought they were too ugly, now I am glad they have changed the look for the better and look forward to the 300,000 mark when I will trade or sell my truck and get a new one. One thing to remember when buying a truck for all of you hemi fans, “Real trucks don’t have sparkplugs” Those Hemi’s are nice but I get proven 24mpg Highway and 17 city, and all the torque in the world! I can’t wait to see the Ram 1500 with a diesel, that will proboly be my next truck.

  • Mark

    Vince ,a R/T Challenger does 5 flat 0-60,13.6 1/4…My brothers 08 R/T Charger Daytona does 5.172 0-60 !! and 13.72 1/4 mile… A SRT-4 neon 5.6 0-60 and 14 flat 1/4 mile…if the R/T Challenger isnt fast enough get the SRT-8 !!!! By the way he had a 86 Dodge Omni GLH Turbo that ran low 12’s in 1992….My theory I dont care what Mopar beats a Mopar as long as it doesnt lose to the competition..

  • Dan

    got a problem and seen this and went through didnt know if i could find answers on here or not. But my 06 cummins ram 2500 will not start unless its been plugged in and its bee  50degrees or higher. after it starts it will start every time and runs good. Just eent on disability and cant afford guessing. Can someone help or direct me in a direction to getting solved.  TIA,Dan