Consumers Digest Awarded Ram 1500 a Best Buy

Well, surprise surprise, more media praise for Ram Truck. This time it comes from Consumers Digest, which has just chosen the Ram 1500 as one of its Automotive Best Buy Award winners for 2011. The winning vehicles were pulled from a pool of over 250 models, with decisions based on factors of performance, comfort and utility as they compare to price and ownership costs. Consumers Digest’s own rigorous testing and evaluation was primarily responsible for determining the results, although important information from third party sources (for example, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) was taken into account as well.

Available in over a dozen variants, we already know that the versatile Ram 1500 has historically always been a big hit, thanks to its rugged, capable chassis and powerful engine options (including the glorious 390 horsepower 5.7L HEMI V8), not to mention its classic aggressive appearance and affordability. This may come as no surprise to many of you here who have already decided that the Ram 1500 was what your driveway was missing. If you’re one of them, give yourself a pat on the back. We’re doing the same, and it looks like we’ll have to make some room for another addition to our already crowded Ram 1500 Trophy Room

  • J.A.W

    I have never seen a tuck get so much praise for what it is, a perfect truck. Now if only the heavy duty’s got a re-tuned 6.7l along with that 8 speed automatic transmission (cause although the Dodge Ram heavy duty’s are the best in styling, comfort, durability, braking, and handling, they are not doing so hot against the competition in towing and hauling performance…) oh and a 5.0l cummins for the 1500 would be nice too, probably win another award with that one. Anyways, great job Ram for making the best pickup’s on the market! DODGE4LIFE.

  • Matthew

    I am excited to see if the Ram gets the eight speed automatic. I already think you make the best looking truck on the road. Everyone working at Ram, keep working hard to make a dependable, long lasting pickup and I will always support you…