Check Out the New Ram HD Spot

Our new Ram Heavy Duty commercial first aired earlier today during the NFL games — we hope you got a chance to see it on your big screen. If you missed it, click at left to watch it here and post a comment below. We’d love to hear what you guys think!

  • Larry

    Very nice! 100% better than the last Richards Group “My tank is full” commercial. Old man Stan Richards owes Chrysler Group LLC a refund on that commercial. It was poorly executed and just outright lame.

  • ramzone

    Hey, thanks, Larry! We like this commercial, too.

  • Mark

    Dodge Ram !!!!

    At least you can get a Hemi orange Challenger again…

    No Ram dakota for me…

    DODGE RAM !!!

  • Paul

    Pretty good commercial. Wish it was aired during the GIANTS/EAGLES game on Sunday night. All I saw was Toyota commercial after Toyota commercial.

  • tr4petty

    Overall, a pretty good commercial. For sure, it’s leap years ahead of the lame “My Name is Ram and My Tank is Full” ads! Those were terrible. I’ve heard people making fun of those ads and as a Dodge fan, that hurts! BUT . . . . . I still think there’s something lacking when it is compared to most Chevy/Ford/Toyota commercials. I’m not even sure how to explain it . . . . . Dodge’s commercials just seem like lower budget productions! But anyway, this Truck of the Year ad is much better than what you’ve been showing.

  • dram5.9l07

    It is the moment in time for this truck to show itself to the world that it now is a class leading truck.When the video shows him coming out of the quarry,the trailer load needs to be more than a small tractor,how about a full load of mining equiptment,like a tunnel boring machine on a trailer,and some hugh drilling bits in the bed of the truck,strap down and all.Not a back yard tractor brand new,doesn’t fit the image coming from the pit.Show this truck tough,loaded for bear and also has the claws to rip the side of the mountain off if needed.Ram-tough get-it,my truck I bought used from a mining company and they beat the heck out of that truck for it was just a 1 year lease get-it,and it look every bit of it. Used as seem at a auction