The Character of Longhorn Leather

The detailing on the interior of the Laramie Longhorn is a sight to behold, but it’s that smell of leather that gives you the feeling you’re saddling up for a day of work – a luxurious day of work. The cattle come from North America, which is where the leather crust for the interiors is tanned. Cutting and finishing is done in Mexico, before the leather makes its way to the inside of the truck – and before that unmistakable smell hits your nostrils.

The interior takes cues from Old West traditions – antique pocket watches, hand-crafted custom leather cowboy boots, and a horsemen’s saddle. And among other touches, the front seatbacks are distinguished by flap-closure, saddlebag-style pockets, secured with silver steer-logoed, tooled-metal buckles. Take a good look before you hit the road. Then take deep breath, enjoy the leather, and shift it into drive.