2010 Ram 3500 Laramie Crew Cab Impresses Auto Brass


Ram Trucks has worked hard to find that perfect sweet spot between workhorse and luxury wagon that every contractor dreams of, and it looks like our efforts have paid off. In addition to Automobile‘s review earlier this month, we can now add the senior editors from Autoweek to our list of satisfied industry peers.


According to AW editors Bob Gritzinger and Greg Migliore, the 3500 Laramie Crew Cab offers a pleasant ride and sumptuous interior that seems to stand at stark odds with the truck’s brute strength and powerful performance. “It’s no wonder this truck is winning awards from every quarter,” Gritzinger wrote, “It is a heavy-duty that brings full comfort and convenience along with the expected capability.”


Check out the full review here.

  • Jack Barbat

    It seems like this Ram 3500 look like a Mega Cab. I visited a Dodge dealer and they told me you cannot get a 3500 Laramie in Mega Cab any longer. Is this true? I currently drive a 2007 Ram 3500/Larmaie Mega Cab and am ready for a new truck. But I can’t seem, to find the one I’m looking. Can someone help me out here with the facts.