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Ram Trucks Infographic | And on the 8th Day…

The Ram Trucks Year of the Farmer initiative is meant to celebrate the work ethic and strong values of the American farmer. It’s also intended to be a way for the non-farmers among us to show appreciation for the day-to-day … Read More >>

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Year of the Farmer | Lisa Steele: How Chickens Made Us Part of the Community

The Steele family truck – A 2003 Ram 2500 Heavy Duty 4×4 Welcome to RamZone’s Year of Farmer guest blogger series, where stories of life on the American farm are offered by the people best qualified to tell them—American farmers. … Read More >>

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God Made a Farmer, Now the Farmer Tells Her Story

The “Year of the Farmer” officially kicked off February 3, 2013, when the Ram Trucks “Farmer” spot aired during the biggest television sports event on the year—the Super Bowl. The first two-minute airing of that commercial marked the start of … Read More >>

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Ram “Farmer” Ad Earns Top Rank in Ad Blitz 2013 Contest

One two-minute commercial with more than 18 million views in less than a month—how do you put that number in perspective? Here’s one way. It would take a single person 36 million minutes to accrue the same number of views. … Read More >>

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Sergio Marchionne Discusses “Farmer” Commercial on Morning Talk Radio

Talk about conversation starters—since its debut on Super Sunday, the Ram Trucks “Year of the Farmer” commercial has been, it seems, on the tip of everybody’s tongue, inspiring positive commentary all across the Internet and on Ram Trucks’ social platforms … Read More >>

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