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Fred Diaz’s Acceptance Speech (Part 2): This One’s for the Team

“I think it’s critical that we acknowledge the true heroes behind this beautiful truck,” Ram CEO Fred Diaz continued in his speech accepting the 2010 Motor Trend Truck of the Year award on behalf of the Ram team. “The true … Read More >>

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Watch Fred Diaz’s Acceptance Speech

After he received the award, Ram CEO Fred Diaz said a few words about its significance: “This is, in my opinion, the first leaf that we have turned over, the key milestone to show the world that our corporation has … Read More >>

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Edward Loh Stresses the Significance of Motor Trend’s “Unanimous Decision”

In the final part of Motor Trend Senior Editor Edward Loh’s presentation, he discusses the voting process — and emphasizes that the 2010 Ram HD didn’t just win, it notably won “by unanimous decision” to become the 2010 Motor Trend … Read More >>

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Edward Loh Explains the Real-World Testing of the Ram HD

Stage 2 of testing for the Motor Trend team was so-called “real-world testing”: taking the trucks on city streets and highways — and, in the case of the Ram Heavy Duty, towing a 28-foot, 11,000-pound powerboat. “Very exciting for the … Read More >>

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Watch Motor Trend Senior Editor Edward Loh Explain the Six Winning Criteria

In this video, Motor Trend Senior Editor Edward Loh explains the six criteria they use to measure the contenders for the magazine’s Truck of the Year award: 1. Design advancement 2. Engineering excellence 3. Performance of Intended Function 4. Value … Read More >>

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