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Take to the Coast in a Ram Truck

Ram Trucks are known for taking you places. This summer, put your truck to the test and see where it will get you. If you’re a beach person, you won’t be disappointed. Whether you’re in the desert or on the … Read More >>

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The 2013 Ram 1500: A Necessary Part of Your Next Off-Roading Adventure

All off-roaders know it: that pang of excitement radiating outward through your body’s every nerve just as you turn off the hardtop onto the two-track or open range. The ground changes from blacktop to gravel or dirt, and the first … Read More >>

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2013 Ram 1500 Named Four Wheeler Magazine Pickup Truck of the Year

A light-duty pickup truck should be nothing if not versatile—worthy of any jobsite, a natural fit in any city, yet agile and rugged enough for weekend excursions down overgrown two-tracks in the woods.

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TORC: The Off-Road Championship Show – Season Premiere (Trailer)

Fans of off-road racing and Ram Trucks should pay close attention to both the calendar and the TV listings in coming days. On Sunday, Oct. 7, TORC: The Off Road Championship show premieres on SPEED and Fuel TV.

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RamZone Tips for Exterior Finish

The thing about a Ram Truck is that it always looks good. However, there are two times when the truck looks especially tough—when it’s covered with mud fresh from a trip off-road (see above), and just after it’s been washed, … Read More >>

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