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Fred Diaz Talks of “Turning the Industry Upside Down”

The Ram display at Detroit’s North American International Auto Show doesn’t just have the best trucks and the most jaw-dropping display — it also has Ram President and CEO Fred Diaz, eager to talk about the new brand’s offerings. “From … Read More >>

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Curious How They Got a 2.5-Ton Ram on the Ceiling?

Well, it’s complicated and involves a snug cradle, roller coasters, and plenty of careful maneuvering. In this video, John Tulloch of George P. Johnson, who built the innovative stand used to hold the inverted Ram, explains how exactly they placed … Read More >>

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NAIAS Preview: 2011 Ram Chassis Cab

If you’re one of the lucky attendees at this year’s North American International Auto Show in Detroit (open to the public January 16 – 24), you’ll be among the first to lay eyeballs on the new 2011 Ram Chassis Cab … Read More >>

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