Think Aerodynamics Aren’t Important in a Truck?

Think again. There was a lot more behind Ram’s exterior redesign than merely updating its look. Watch Chief Designer Mark Allen explain how they focused a lot of their attention on aerodynamics to both improve efficiency and reduce noise — going so far as cramming this renowned hauler into the wind tunnel for some real high-performance testing.

  • Flávio

    Excellent work of engineers. Congratulations to the team.

  • tr4petty

    When it comes to HD pickups, the majority of buyers are more concerned with looks, towing, hauling, functionality, etc. than with aero. But it does seem as though you’ve managed to achieve function, looks, and aero so congrats on the new HDs! I wish it was available with the auto tranny shifter in the floor console though like it is in the 1500s. That may seem like a small thing but it is what has made me decide to forego buying one. I’ll just hang on to my ’05 HD Ram with the G56 tranny. I don’t want a column shift!

  • Mark

    I like the column shift….thats one of the reasons I wont buy a new 1500,I like the Sport model but so far they all are floor shifters…I want a Sport with a Column shift…

    Ram Zone …Do they make a RAM Sport Quad Cab with a column shift ?

    I may buy a RAM Laramie 1500,but dont like the wheels…

    Also when is there going to be more truck inventory on lots,around here there is 1 of each model..if that and poor color choices/trim level..I know in 2005 I had 100’s of trucks to choose from colors/trim/wheels ect…now the same dealers have less than 10 trucks each lot,what is up with that ?

  • Mark

    I was wondering if the Ram sales are really down due to the Dodge name dropping…

    I personally know 2 truck buyers who I finally talked into buying a Dodge ram but were turned off by the name change/dropping…

    I know it doesnt sit well with me ,but I am a Mopar guy so..I have no choice..but my purchase is put off for awhile..hopefully they will be back as a Dodge after sales continue drop
    ,as it seems to be..

    Why not just have them seperated Dodge car division and Dodge truck division…then you dont lose loyal customers or customers who would of bought your product but turned /scared off by the uncertainty..I believe you cant have any uncertainty right now..

  • tr4petty

    I’d be interested to know if there was any test of public reaction or survey of customer opinions about the separation of Dodge cars and Dodge (now Ram) trucks. I’ve not talked to anyone yet that thinks it’s a good idea. I just wonder where this idea came from and what the decision to go ahead with it was based on.
    Floor shift vs column shift? I guess that just shows that different people like different things. With the much-touted flexible manufacturing techniques of today’s auto manufacturers you’d think that they could offer both! I have never liked the looks of a column shifter. To me, the shifter in the console is much more attractive and sportier looking. So why not offer both? Why is that so hard? Of course, I thought that dropping the 2 dr Neon was a huge mistake too and wondered why the car couldn’t be offered in both 2 dr and 4 dr versions. Just what can you do with flexible manufacturing if not offer a 2 dr and 4 dr on the same model. You can build the Compass, Patriot, and Caliber, all on the same assembly line so why not 2 and 4 dr versions of cars like Neon (yeah, I know it’s not in production anymore)? That way, you could please the younger folks who tend to like the sportier looks of a 2 dr coupe and the older folks who usually lean toward a 4 dr car. And remember, the younger folks who like the 2dr coupes are the ones that are still forming opinions about cars and will be around for a long time buying cars in the future. Why abandon the youth market by building only stodgy 4dr, column shift type cars in the price range that the typical young person can afford?