The New High-Output Cummins Turbo Diesel

The old saying goes “you can never have too much power”, and if you depend on your truck for towing your precious cargo, then we have some interesting news for all you heavy haulers out there. We’re announcing a series of upgrades to our Heavy Duty line of trucks that will increase trailer towing capacity. Our new High-Output Cummins Turbo Diesel with the “Max Tow” package in the Ram 3500 Heavy Duty is now rated up to 22,700 lbs., the highest in its class!


The heart and soul of the upgrade package is the new High-Output 6.7L Cummins Turbo Diesel. This torque monster will now produce 800 lb.-ft. at 1,600 rpm, a 23 percent increase over current models. To give you an idea of the magnitude of the numbers, one six-cylinder High-Output 6.7L Cummins Turbo Diesel puts out more torque than two 4.7L V8 engines! With all that power, tall buildings and small islands are no problem when hooked behind the High-Output Cummins. But we know you’re likely to be towing your favorite thoroughbred horses to the farm or maybe a pair of classic muscle cars like a 1970 Challenger R/T and a Dodge Super Bee to the Mopar Nationals.


“A Ram Heavy Duty truck owner’s most important concern is towing capability – 79 percent of rate towing as extremely important,” said Fred Diaz, our President and CEO. “Reliability and engine performance are tied for second. This 800 lb.-ft. performance upgrade, combined with our unsurpassed 5-year, 100,000-mile power train warranty along with Cummins’ proven reputation for reliability, are a direct response to our customers’ high expectations.”


Our Ram engineers just didn’t stop at the engine. Additional upgrades include a new power train control  module with a revised performance calibration that allows the six-cylinder Cummins Diesel to achieve peak power at a more desirable rpm range. The automatic transmission also has a new higher-rated torque converter to take advantage of the increase torque and better integration for improved towing capabilities on various road conditions. Also, the High-Output Cummins has a revised crankshaft damper that will reduce engine noise and vibration throughout the interior of the Ram.


Our engineers also upgraded the axle on the 3500 Heavy Duty dually models with an improved 4.10 axle gear ratio that will include stronger helical gears and upgraded bearings along with a finned aluminum differential cover that will dissipate heat. To moderate the transmission fluid temperature in severe duty towing situations, we also designed a new engine-mounted, water-to-oil transmission cooler.


You know the reputation of the Cummins Turbo Diesel engine as “bulletproof” with great reliability and fuel economy. The Cummins Turbo Diesels have been available in Ram trucks since 1989 and have racked up millions of miles by our fans like you. So if you’re looking to haul a battleship or just want the best truck on the planet, make sure your check out the new 2011 Ram 2500 and 3500 Heavy Duty with the Max Tow package and the High-Output 6.7L Cummins Turbo Diesel. If the 800 lb.-ft. torque doesn’t plant you in the seat, nothing will!



  • Ryan

    That’s amazing, this is going to be the longest next couple years until I can get my dream truck. Who know’s what you guys will have by then.

  • Mike

    I must say this really ticks me off. I bought my 2010 without ever hearing a word about this upcoming upgrade (a year later). I wouldn’t t be so mad if Dodge would have waited for a few years before making a major change. If they were going to make a change like this it should have been done with the new 2010. This is wrong on many different levels. I have been a life long Dodge owner and this is it for me. If nothing else Dodge should be willing to provide the upgrade for 2010 owners, now that would be a show of good of good faith.


  • Catawba Scott

    If you are a long time owner of Ram Cummins powered trucks as you say you are, you would know by now that any time Cummins does a change, it always occurs after January first. When the first high output engine came out in the 1990’s, the switch from the 47RE transmission to the 48RE, the engine torque was upped to 600 lbs in 2004, etc., were all done after January first of that model year.

  • Chad

    This makes no sense. Now the 3500 can out tow the 4500!? I am wanting to replace my work truck immediately and want to buy a 4500 but the GCVW is what is causing me to hesitate. The GM 3500 and now the Dodge 3500 are rated to tow more. Also, I want a manual transmission which is the biggest reason for me switching from GM. I have had 2 Duramaxes and three 6.5TD and I am sick of the automatics for towing. Now it looks like they are phasing out the manual transmission in the Dodge as well.

  • Preston

    I can remember back a couple of months ago when a u-tube posting came up comparing the 2010 F-150, verus the Ram 1500 both towed the same and both were equipted the same.The Ram easly out performed the Ford F-150.And as the new redesign Ram 2500/3500 came out I was shock that they had done so much for the look of the exterior and interior but left the Cummin’s,and the transmission and its rating be so low.That I thought they were surrendering what little market share that they had,to Ford and GM. And when Diesel Power magazine did it’s annual shootout of 3/4 and 1 ton they couuld not even included the Ram because it could not tow in a 5th wheel application what the Ford and the GM could.I am very pleased to see that Mr.Diaz convinced upper mangement that if they did get into the toque/hp/towing limits they would still loose market share.Well today is a new day at Ram and now well as Ram truck owners what a rematch of the fame Colorado hill climb and decend from the EISENHOWER TUNNEL both up and down.I hope marketing and Mr Diaz see this post and hears my cry for justice for the Ram truck.It is truly are game to be won.Oh his name is Mr.Kenndy and he is a editor at Diesel Power magazine.He wrote a interesting article in his editorial about what is the problem with Ram’s 2500/3500,just email if you what his number so I can hook up a race to the top and down.Way to fight back Ram as Rocky once said we now have a contender to take the “best in class”

  • Chris

    Have the RAM engineers made any changes to the suspension & steering? My NEW 2010 3500 4×4 Laramie with 1,900 miles has been unsafe to drive since day 1. Case # 20219920

  • heath

    Not a single mention of fuel economy … that is also high on the list of diesel customers.

  • Tammy

    If you are worried about gas mileage, then I wouldn’t look at a 3500 model or any other truck for that matter. If you want pulling power, then this sounds like the truck for you. Also, anyone who is a “diehard” Dodge owner knows that the 2500/3500 models always change a year after the 1500 models, so this change should come as no shock to anyone. Changes are made every year and that is the way it is. We have a 2010 Ram 1500 that tows all we need it to and it is absolutely to best riding, equipped and handling truck we have ever owned!! Dodge is definitely on to something now – keep up the good work!

    • Best news out of Chrysler that I’ve heard in a while! I’m glad Ram folks understand what an asset the Cummins diseels have been to their trucks. Now they just need to put that smaller Cummins in the 1500 and take some market share away from Ford, GM, and Toyota.

  • Chad

    You are missing the point. People generally do not buy a 2500/3500/4500 because they want to, it is because they have to. Fuel mileage and reliability are the two single most important factors because my truck has to do work everyday. These hp and torque wars must stop. You do not need 800ft lbs of torque. In my ’03 Duramax with 520 ftlbs of torque was enough. I pull a 15,000lb trailer every day of the week. If I can save 2 mpg per year that pays for the truck payments. Fuel mileage is everything but the truck has to be rated to do what I want to do. I do not understand why the 4500 with a larger frame, axles, transmission and brakes is rated for a less GCVW than the new 3500. I am switching from a GM because I can get a manual transmission and I believe that being able to control the gear changes and not downshifting at every hill and losing a bit of speed will net me better fuel mileage.

  • Jim Taylor

    Just purchased 2011 3500 in jan. with 4.10 because I tow, would have definitly upgraded. I am accustomed to the changes dodge usally makes, how ever The 305 to 325hp change was only a 65 ft lb torqe increase., this is like running a tuner but under warranty, not to mention the value of the truck. A flash for 2011 owners with 4.10 gearing would be fantastic, even if I have to pay for tech fees.

  • Preston

    When will the towing capacities be out for the Hi-Output Ram 2500/3500 SRW 2×4,4×4? I will hold off ordering till I see them in print. I am aware of the 22,700lbs 5th wheel application tow limit for the Mid model year 2011 Ram 1 ton 3500 DRW. I am hoping for better tow limits in a Ram 2500 SRW, 4X2,4X4 3:73 for current tow cap’s are not worth trading/selling my truck period.I can not see putting that level of money down for a 2010, or a 2011 Ram 2500 ST,SLT SRW 3:73,4X4 long bed for a towing limit of 12,650.I need more in a 2500 to work and play with in terms of bed pay load for the cabovers are weighting in at almost 3000lbs range now,and come with slide-outs.An I don’t nessary need 4;10 gears to suck fuel when I do not have a slide-in on or towing artic cats.That truck needs to be more capable than that and Mr.Diaz and Ram marketing needs to set up and give us some more wow factor in the 2500/3500 SRW.Do not handicap us in the 3/4 ton market.It was years ago when a little old lady walk into a famous brand hamburger chain and looked down and said “We is the beef”

  • Preston

    Oh and give the Ram 2500/3500 SRW a higher GCWR too.

  • MIKE

    I have a 2010 3500 with 4:10 gears and tried to get answers for almost a year about the max tow package that was supose to come out in late 2010. finally I was convinced by several people at Dodge that the package was not comming out and that the only differences were going to be the numbers and no real changes were going to be made. I pull a 20,000lb. 5th wheel and needed all the tow power I could get. I would like to see an upgrade package available to those of us who actully believed in Dodge and bought the redesiened Ram over Ford and Chevy.

  • Moparornocar

    My old 1989 3/4 T rated at 160HP/400 ft lb is routinely grossed to 25,000# (10-1500# rolls) and pulling a hay trailer out of sandy, hilly Texas hay fields and can top 80 mph pulling a 5th wheel travel trailer. It was the first std shift Dodge/Cummins sold from a dealer in the state of Texas. Also it will get 25-26 mpg running empty. Naw I ain’t ready to trade.

  • dan

    Not many comments here, because Dodge fans know there is a problem here. Horsepower IS the RATE of getting WORK done. At 1600 rpm and 1600 foot-pounds of torque, you end up with aprox. 244 horsepower. Where will this cummins engine be running when climbing up to Eisenhower Tunnel? At a much higher rpm , most likely right at max horsepower rpm, 3000. Guess what? 6 cylinder engines drop off torque like a rock at these rpms. Duramax will wipe it”s … again.

  • dan

    Sorry , correction, At 1600 rpm and 800 foot-pounds of torque, you get aprox. 244 horsepower. The formula is —ft lbs, times rpm, times 3.14, times 2, then divide this by 33000. You can test this formula at any torque and rpm combination to get your horsepower. This is where v 8 engines or v 6 engines pull head. /When max horsepower is given, you will also be given the rpm, but torque is missing. Here is the formula for finding the torque at the max horsepower rating of your engine. HP, divided by RPM, divided by 3.14, times 2, times 33000. You can test this formula at any horsepower and rpm combination.

  • Rudy Peters

    I agree with Jim Taylor’s comments Feb 15th.
    Dodge/Ram should make a flash upgrade available to those of us who recently bought Ram3500 6.7’s. Mine is a 2011 model with the prior HP/Torque Ratings. Would dearly love to upgrade to current ratings and remain warrantable. How about it, Dodge?

  • Jonad

    The sad part about all this is that I’m eager and ready to purchase my dream truck and a local dealer doesn’t have a clue about the high output diesel engine. I’m trying to find out availability and will even order the freaking truck but no one knows about the engine at the dealer. That is sad. Someone from Dodge please get involved. Would love to get my dream truck.

    • Ram Zone

      Hi Jonad,

      The Cummins High-Output Engine was recently announced so it may take some time for all of our dealers to get up to speed. It should be available in the next couple of months.

  • Jonad

    Just saw the option listed on your website in the Build your Truck tool, I’m exited and already told the local dealer to call me when the first one arrives. Looks promising, would love to know about any added horse power, with the torque increase I’m sure that some horsepower tagged along with it. By the way thanks to all the engineers for keeping us dodge fans Diesel Exhaust Fluid FREE!!

  • Demon Wolf

    To Dan In towing its not the HorsePower as much as the Torque that matters and As for you saying it the Cummins would be at a higher rpm no the duramax would be at a higher rpm because of the less Torque And besides if V8’s or V6’s are better for towing then why do semis use inline 6’s?

  • Austin

    Please offer a flash for 2011 models. As a previous comment stated paying for a tech fee would be no worry considering the benefit.

  • Wyley

    Just bought my new 2011 3500 with the new High Output Engine. Love it, Love it, Love it. Someone on here said if you want fuel economy don’t look at a 3500 and I just took my truck over the mountains in BC and got a nice 21 miles to the Cnd gal. I’m happy with that. Looking forward to tripping with this truck and my 5th wheel. Can’t be anything but fun. By the way, don’t go by the fuel economy on your info screen. Figure out the miles and the gallons used with your calculator. Big difference.

  • Kevin

    I got rid of my 2010 hemi for the new 2011 cummins with 800 ft/lbs torque. I speciically asked my salesman for 800ft/lbs of torque. I wasnt told what emblem to look for or that it didnt have the flash so I assumed it was on there. I got the truck and was happy until I found out through a shop that my vin didnt indicate I had the 800 ft/lb flash. I paid a pretty penny for the darn thing. Im new to diesel so the power increase was phenominal , but its not what I thought I bought. I dont really know what I can do?

  • Kevin

    Corrected email

  • Ryan

    I want to see a HO 6 speed manual. Then I would think about getting a new one

  • Jim

    Why don’t they offer this with the manual transmission? I’ve searched the web, but only found this page. Can anyone point me to an explanation?

  • mopar 597

    They brag about the fuel mileage. Has anyone got figures on their mileage. I went from a 2005 getting 10 to 12 towing and 20+ empty to a 2012 getting 7 towing and 13 empty.

  • Rick

    I was towing a 8,600 lb camper with my 2011 RAM 1500, HEMI powered crew cab, plenty of power, but 8.6 mpg average. I went to a 2011 RAM 2500 crew cab, H.O. Cummins. 18 to 20 mpg empty, 12.5 to 13.5 towing the same camper. The one thing that sucks, is that when it is regenerating the DPF, it only get s 13 to 14 empty. That emissions junk is a scam, it all ends up out the end of the tail pipe either way, now we just burn more fuel to get it there?

    • Paul

      Going to be doing a delete on my truck in a few weeks I have a 12 ram 3500 and I get around 17-19 empty and 9-14 towing and all I have is a kn diesel air filter which I’ll go with a cold air intake and 4 inch after I get the programmer

  • Will V

    How do you identify for sure that its max tow. I looking at a 2012 3500 heavy duty ho Laramie thanks for anny info

  • Tony Staggs

    I get 18 empty and 11.5-12 towing