Ram Truck Power Pulls a Semi Truck

If you remember user Robert Schwarzli from the TurboDieselRegister.com forums and his 1990 W350 Crew Cab, you probably also remember when we told you about him using another Ram Truck to pull a semi truck. Hey, we realize this is the internet and without pictures it might as well have never happened. So here it is in the flesh: Dad’s 2008 Ram 2500, tugging a full-blown tractor trailer uphill. As it turns out, Robert was kind enough to pass along both a photo of his mighty Ram Truck pulling the stuck semi as well as the tale of how it happened, too. We’ll let him take it from here.

“He was stuck in front of our office for about an hour before we went out with the Megacab. With straps hooked onto the tow hooks, we pulled him up the hill.”

The driver of the semi went on to comment on the power of Robert’s Ram Truck with some less than family safe word choice. We’ll just let your imagination fill in the blanks on that one.