Ram Truck – The Perfect Platform for Personalization

We all know you use your Ram truck for a multitude of functions. Like transporting the family around town or hauling the goods for your business. Your truck is an integral part of your day-to-day life that has to perform a litany of functions and tasks. We know our Ram trucks do come nicely equipped from the factory to perform those jobs, but one size does not fill all. Therefore, it’s nice to know there are great accessories available from our friends at Mopar®. They have over 300 factory engineered components designed for our Ram 1500-3500 models. Each accessory goes through a battery of durability tests to make sure they fit right and last a long time. Now you can make your Ram work harder and give it that personal touch that makes it all your own.

For truck enthusiasts who like profile while cruising down Main Street, Mopar® also has you covered. Our new Ram code name ‘Adventurer’ already looks pretty hot with its monochromatic front grille and fascia and tricked out sculptured rear bumper with chrome dual exhaust outlets. However, it also has a great canvass to express your unique style and attitude. Personally we really dig the new Sport Performance Hood that was inspired from the legendary Dodge Challenger. It features dual openings that can even be made functional. For more on all the cool products that’s available for your Ram, check out our photo gallery. You’ll see lots of great accessories that will make your Ram stand out from the herd.

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  • Jon

    “It features dual openings that can even be made functional.”

    Can you elaborate? I have a sport hood and would like to make the openings functional.