RAM Makes Trailer Wiring Easy

Unless you’re a born electrical wizard, wiring a trailer for towing can be a little intimidating. But if you have a RAM Truck with the available, integrated 4/7 pin trailer connector, the difficult part is already done.

As the name indicates, the RAM connector includes both four-pin flat and seven-pin round electrical receptacles, pre-wired into the vehicle’s electrical system and ready to go. You need only to plug in your trailer’s harness. These two popular connector types provide compatibility with the vast majority of trailers produced these days.

So which connector should your trailer use?

The four-pin connector is generally sufficient for most types of light trailers, for example utility haulers and pop-up tent campers. The four pins provide connections for the trailer’s tail, turn, and stop lamps, which are required by law, not to mention for safe and worry-free towing.

The seven-pin connector is called for with larger, heavier trailers including car carriers and large campers. The additional terminals support connections for features such as electric trailer brakes and reverse lamps.

The Ram’s 4/7 pin connector also provides clear, simplified circuit schematics embossed right on the cover, a handy feature. If you need additional info or assistance, be sure consult your local RAM dealer.

  • John

    where can i find the 7 pin color code for 2014 ram Trailer Connector Wiring

    • robert noren

      Hey did you ever find the 7 pin color code for your 2014 ram I’m having same trouble wires don’t match the colors they give if you can hel would be great thx

  • Glen B

    I want to tow a small trailer behind my travel trailer. Can I use both connectors at the same time. The small trailer is the flat 4-pin,

    • Joni Montgomery

      Was wondering the same thing… did you get an answer?

      • Steve Bosshart

        I’ve connected the 7 prong to a pickup camper and also used the 4 pin for a boat trailer at the same time with all lights working.

        • Denis

          How did you manage to connect both at the same time? The cover on the connectors only allows for one connection at a time.

  • Sherri Swopes Kimberling

    Does the 7 pin wiring harness also have a trickle charge for the battery for the trailer?

    • Landon Tesar

      If you run a 12 Volt Lead to the black wire of the input to the 7 pin wiring harness, then yes, or if you have the factory 7 pin wiring already, then yes.

  • James M Kelly

    I”m using a 12v test light on the “round” 7 pin connection in the back of my 2015 Ram 1500, on the Plug / Connector itself it states the two blades in the center of the 7 pin is used for Accessory power. but using the 12v light it dose not show any power coming from it. Note all other lights work fine. Lt turn, Rt turn brakes hazards all ok but no power from that center, what gives , by the way Yes I turned the head lights on as well. Help > I have more questions

    • KevinJ

      The center “Accessory Power” is usually for reverse lights. You would need to have the truck in reverse at which point you should have +12volts on the center pin.

  • Bruce Elder

    I’m trying to remove the 7 pin connector on my 2013 1500 ram. Does anyone know how to get the connector out of the bumper?

    • austin

      I’m assuming you figured this out? Can you help me on what you did?

  • Adam Schwartz

    I am not getting any power out of the + blade on the 7 pin. I have tested it running and with just the key turned. I have checked all fuses that are related to towing and all are fine. I have a 2016 ram tradesman diesel. All other pins show for turn signals and everything else. just not the positive one.

    • Justin Bloom

      I have the same issue did you find an answer.

      • Adam Schwartz

        no im taking it in to the dealer on wednesday before it goes over mileage warranty.

        • Jason

          Did you find a solution? Mine stopped working and all of my fuses are fine.

      • Adam Schwartz

        Just got it back from dealer. Said it was a fuse but I checked them all and the”technician” left and they didn’t know which one. I checked everything in the box and I couldn’t figure it out.

        • Justin Bloom

          Thanks for the info I’ll look over it again before this cold snap hits all the way.

    • Tw

      Try it in reverse with parking brake on and I think you’ll find pin #7 is the backup light.

  • Duches Spiker

    I have a 2014 Ram 3500 That had a mega cab bed. I had a custom bed put on and they did the custom tail led lights and side lights I remember they had to install a couple relays to get the lights to work correctly with the on board display not showing lights out on display and the company is no longer available My question is there a plug and play wiring harness that plugs the bed lights side lights and tail lights all in one harness?from the factory? The wiring needs to be all replaced and in a cable tray not subject to the elements Im off the road some times and the wiring needs to be protected from mud water.

    • Landon Tesar

      Duches, no factory harness will understand what you’ve got going on with the custom bed install. I suggest going to an RV dealer and asking them to rewire the bed to your requirements.

  • Tracey G Byerly

    I have a 2017 ram 2500 with the 6.7 Cummins. How many amps is the 12v pin on the 7 pin tow plug? My power tongue Jack has a 25 amp inline fuse. I’d like to hook it to the tow plug

    • Landon Tesar

      The connection instructions I’ve seen have 40 amp circuit breakers for that. Nice Truck. Suggest you contact Dodge for your new truck as they have some impressive alternators now.

  • Tracey g

    How many amps of 12v are at the 7 pin tow plugin on my 17 ram 2500 with the 6.7 Cummins. I have a power tongue Jack that has a 25amp inline fuse. I’d like to hook it to the trailer plug if possible

  • Darren Rowan

    I recently bought a used 2012 ram 1500 truck regular cab. I came with the mopar combined 4 pin / 7 pin trailer connector. Recently while traveling on highway I was notified of hanging wires from underneath. 2 green wires. Looking underneath the 7 pin has all wires connected. Nothing is connected to the back of the 4 pin. I cannot find a diagram showing what should be connected to the back of the 4 pin. Anyone have any ideas or diagram?

    • Darren Rowan

      actually double stranded green wire and black wire.

  • Perry Brookshire

    I have a 2019 Ram 3500 and today I hooked to my fifth wheel for the first time. I connected the 7 pin connector to the bed 7 pin and the trailer lights did not work. I connected to the bumper 7 pin connector and the trailer lights worked. I checked the pigtail for the bed 7 pin connector and found that it wasn’t connected, so I connected the pigtail and still no lights utilizing the bed 7 pin connection. I have checked the fuses as well. Any suggestions?

  • Scott Pischke

    The person before me cut the connect off my 2015 ram big horn and I am trying to replace but finding it hard to find info, just need a picture of the curt connector with the grey cover off so i can make mine same as oem

  • Ronnie Bray

    Does anyone know what color wire for the reverse light on a 7 pin for a dodge ram 2500

  • buzzzmea

    my 2015 Ram 2500 is not charging the rv thru the 7 pin connector…ive checked the rv plug and when he battery is hooked up and the switch is on, i get feedback through the plug so i know the circuit is connected on the camper. so i checked the 7 pin on the truck. tried it not running, just key on…nothing…then i thought maybe it needs to be actually running….i get no constant 12vdc to charge the rv battery from the truck. for the life of me, i cant find any info on which fuse is dedicated for that charge circuit for a trailer battery….any insight would be great….