Ram Engineers Talk Proven Cummins Power with Diesel Truck Resource


This week, the guys at Diesel Truck Resource will be hosting a live Q&A session with our in-house rock stars themselves, the Ram Truck engineers. The session is tentatively scheduled to kick-off at 6:30pm EST on Tuesday June 29, 2010 and will give enthusiasts a chance to connect with the brains behind our booming operation. In addition to providing unique insight into the design process, our engineers will also be discussing the new “Proven Power” movement currently making noise in the Ram camp. They’ll delve into all the nitty gritty details of the Cummins diesel engine and they’ll do their damndest to highlight all of its crowning features (but there’s a lot to cover, so bear with ‘em).


If you want to beat the crush of truck guys on Tuesday, head on over to DTR now and leave your question on the live thread. Keep in mind that exact times are subject to change, so be sure to keep an eye out for official DTR updates. In the meantime, visit the Ram Proven Power site to school yourself on our impressive line-up – and maybe school some Dearborn devotees too.


See you on Tuesday!

  • Harold

    I did buy the Big Horn Diesel . I cannot tell my RV friends to buy this truck. looks are great but the MPG is very very BAD for a diesel!!!!!

  • Canadian Dodge Ram


    Motor trend tested one and got 17.9 average mpg..and 16.4 on a 60 mile route with stop and go traffic..Seems consistant with other diesels and older Dodge diesels..Please explain what you mean ? Guess you could always buy a Smart car and pack a tent ,if your r.v buddies are worried about mpg !! Sure I am guessing it would be down a few pulling a 5th wheel or larger trailer…It is in line with Ford’s new Diesel..

  • David Crawford

    I was getting poor mileage. I had a new Particulate filter instlalled and mileage increased by 6 mile a gallon/ 15.5 to 23 not towing and 9.5 to 16.0 towing 12000 trailer at leagal speed limits. You filters are plugged. New Air cleaner is better MOPAR design too. 06 dodge ram QC auto CTD 5.9