Online Chat with Ram Trucks’ Hemi Engineers Goes into Overtime

If you’re looking for answers to the hows and whys of the Ram Truck brand, there’s nothing better than picking an engineer’s brain. That’s doubly true when we’re talking about the guys and gals who spend their days sweating the details behind our line of Hemi V8 engines.

Our engineering chat was a big to-do this last Wednesday. The 259 participants who stopped in for a chance to talk with the team asked about everything from small-displacement diesel engines to the possibility of bringing the SRT badge to the Ram Trucks line, and everything in between. In all, visitors posted 338 questions/comments during the chat. While we had to keep our secrets to ourselves concerning what’s coming down the line, the engineering team was quick to answer as many questions as possible about performance modifications and the innovative Multi-Displacement fuel Saving (MDS) technology on Ram Trucks products.

All told, our engineers provided around 194 responses. Given how big of a hit this online chat down went, we can’t wait to organize the next one – stay tuned early 2011!


    Thanks for putting up with the consumer,it shows you care..though I am sure you laugh to yourselves/shake yourheads at some questions….As we laugh /shake our heads /CRY (not really cry but you get it) at some decisions..(dropping of Dodge name in advertising&such)
    In all we just hope you continue to make the best truck better,more powerful,better driving ect……
    A new SRT RAM !
    At least a Ram R/T QuadCab with 4×4 option !!
    A “Cummins” diesel 1/2 ton it seems people really,really want !!!
    And continue to have the DODGE name on the truck somewhere !!!!

  • Mary New

    i have a 2002 Dodge Ram 1500 4.7L, had to replace the heater core, and now that the dash is all back together,, the speedometer does not work,, odometer works but not the speedometer ! any help would sure be appreciated ! thanks

  • Steve Hester

    Why didn’t dodge see fit to have remote locks installed on the ST edition of the 2500. You can buy a $12K hundia and get remote door locks for heaven sakes. Leave the cute little led screen out of the middle of the gauage cluster; all that serves as is a distraction especially since all the information needed is on the analog gauges and provide a damn key fob with remote locks or really provide excellent customer service and provide a remote start!!

  • Ford Owner

    I was so excited to see the new Ram 2500…was even seriously considering trading in my Ford F250 Diesel for a new Ram Diesel…imagine my disappointment when I learned that your engines require an expensive and scarce fuel additive. WTH? Guess Im gonna remain a Ford owner…my new F350 diesel went on order Monday. Your loss…$60,000.00 that couldve gone into YOUR pocket.

  • Jordan

    My uconnect 5.0 has stopped working. Will the uconnect 3.0 work. Will my aux port still work in my center console