Mopar® Ram Runner 4×4

If you didn’t have plans for spring, you do now. Clear your schedule, kiss your loved ones goodbye, and head directly to your garage. This will be your new home for a little while, that is, if you think spending some quality time creating your own Baja-style desert race truck is a challenge you’re up for.

We believe you are, and since we’re convicted by this belief we are putting Mopar® 4×4 Ram Runner accessories into production this March. Very soon you’ll be able to add a Stage 2 Ram Runner suspension kit to your desert toy. The Mopar® Ram Runner package is designed to accommodate some serious off-roading. The cold-air intake and cat-back exhaust systems will provide you with the power needed to get up and over that sand dune…and maybe a little air as well.

Parts may be purchased as a complete kit or individually, if you prefer. The full package provides tough and durable suspension, wider fender flares and increased ground clearance capable of sustaining higher speeds and tractions through rough terrain. Front and rear fenders can be replaced with fiberglass components, reducing weight and allowing for suspension travel and chassis clearance, which of course translates into… air? Yeah air. Have fun, and uh… keep it safe.


  • Chad lustig

    When will this kit be available? I’m going to build a ram runner show truck, I just purchased a 2011 sport in deep water blue for my build. Any chance of a sponcer?