How Does HEMI Work? Glad You Asked

hemi_crppdIf you love Ram, you’re probably a fan of HEMI engines. But do you know the ins and outs of why the famous V8 internal combustion engine is so revered?


Check out this article on HowStuffWorks to learn everything from how HEMIs are designed to how they compare to other engines. Then you can talk shop with the best of ‘em

  • joe marek

    i have a 2001 ram 2500 Laramie 1 ton and i want to put a bigger motor in it it has a 360 now but i want to make it a hot rod do you think it possible? i was wanting to bring it back to old school every thing please let me know if im peeing in the wind or if its possible thank you

  • Lee B

    The hemi is one of the Ram’s best selling points! Why can’t they get the torque curve correct in the powertrain section of the Ram 1500 web page????.

    It appears to have the 2008 Hemi torque (375 lb-ft instead of 407 lb-ft) with the 2009 Hemi horsepower(390 hp). Any HP/TQ curve that doesn’t intersect at 5250 rpm is bogus.

    My name is Lee and my patience is empty.

  • Alex Hollowell

    My comment is more question….I own a 2000 Ram 1500 and I want to installa “Hemi” in it. Is it possible I could have it done at my local dealership?

  • ramzone

    Alex (and Joe),
    Thanks for your questions, and your ambition! The short answer, sorry, is no — there would be considerable tear up to the underhood area, Alex, if you tried to package the 5.7L Hemi into the 2000 BR.

    There are a significant number of differences between the old BR sheet metal and the newer 2002 DS sheet metal. The 5.7L Hemi was designed to fit into the 2002 DS underhood compartment. There are several underhood differences between the BR and DS including the plenum, rear dash panel, inner fenders, hood clearance and front radiator area. The engine mounts would also not line up properly, and the clearance to the axles and front prop shaft is also different from engine to engine.

    Sorry, but you would really be much better off with the DS (2002 – 2008) or today’s new Ram 1500, 2500 or 3500.

    Thanks for your support of Ram!