Got HEMI Questions for the Ram Engineers?


Now that you’ve asked the Ram engineers all your Cummins-related questions, it’s time to give the HEMI side of your brain a little work-out as well. Ram engineers will be taking your questions about building the 2010 Ram Heavy Duty at the HEMI forum on Thursday, December 10, from 5:30 to 7:00 pm Eastern. Click here to post and participate.

  • Jeff

    Are there any new “Hemi’s” headed our way in the near future for the RAM?


    The Dyno chart for the Hemi is incorrect. The power curve and torque curve don’t match up at 5252 RPM. It looks like the torque curve is not placed right and needs to be adjusted.

  • ramzone

    Jeff, be sure to post your question in today’s forum! It’s where the engineers will be answering readers…

  • earl grimm

    if i took the resignater off of the exhaust will if set off any codes or effect the paformance of my 04 1500 hemi?