Cummins Diesel Power Will Continue

2010 Ram 3500 6.7L Cummins turbo dieselDiesel fanatics rejoice! Continuing one of the most successful relationships in automotive history, Ram and Cummins have announced a multi-year contract extension to ensure that the B-series engines will continue to deliver class leading torque in the Ram HD line. The contract extension is music to the ears of Ram HD owners, as 80% tick the 6.7-liter diesel option when purchasing their heavy hauler. And with the new 2010 line of trucks, Ram has the quietest, greenest, and smoothest diesel engined trucks on the road. All that and 17,600 lbs of towing capacity? Translation: now you can buy a bigger boat.


Check out the full release over at Cummins


  • bigdodgeram

    Great news!!

  • Mark

    Great news, indeed !!

  • DakotaT

    Best news out of Chrysler that I’ve heard in a while! I’m glad Ram folks understand what an asset the Cummins diesels have been to their trucks. Now they just need to put that smaller Cummins in the 1500 and take some market share away from Ford, GM, and Toyota.

  • Chad

    Absolutely….the smaller Cummins powered 1500 should have been built YEARS ago. Come on Chrysler, we want our diesel 1500s YESTERDAY!

    • Similar story. I bought my first Ramcharger, a 1984 from a fnreid who owned a body shop. It had seen rough days, beginning as a military 4 4. 318 and granny low. He had driven it through high school, cutting off the top, and having a custom canvas top made for it. We plowed snow with it in the winter for extra money. This thing was a brute, earning every nickname from Mad Max to The Beast. When I bought it, she was in need of some service to remain roadworthy, so I promptly took her off the road, and trailered to the mountains with our 4 4 club. We enlarged the wheel openings, and stuffed some 38 Gumbo Mudders under it and welded the spider gears, and installed a Jegs Racing fuel cell where the back seat used to be. It won a lot of admiration for getting the trail guides un-stuck on some tough narrow, steep wooded rock crawling trails. I have since gifted itn to a more mechanically inclined fnreid who upgraded her even further.My second Ramcharger was a 1989 with an automatic and a snowplow already on it. 318 and an automatic. I towed my 10000 pound dump trailer with her, and nary a groan of discomfort. I love old Dodges.I then fell in love witha fnreid’s 1995 duallie 2wd Cummins with a stick shift! That thing would pull a house right off the footings.Keep the great trucks coming, regardless of intangibles like market share. I read once in a magazine the ford/ chevy have more power in numbers, but the Ram Uses the power the best of all of them. So true, you can just feel the grunt.All for now, keep up the good work,JoeBaltimore, MD

  • Cudacrazy

    No kidding, I am waiting eagerly with my deposit in hand to buy a Ram 1500 diesel!!!

  • cody stageman

    ok i love to hear that but people who like ford always say when the get beat by a dodge in a truck pull well ford owns cummins? idk if that is true or not?