Cummins 6.7 Biggest Fan [Part 2]: Test Track

This week, Tim gets behind the scenes at the Cummins test track where he catches up with Cummins Worldwide Chief Engineer, Scott Henry. Henry took Tim (and lucky viewers) inside the test truck and around the test track, providing an in-depth view of the rigorous tests Cummins’ world-famous engines undergo.


To follow all six legs of Tim’s trip, head to the Cummins YouTube channel to catch every new episode as it goes live. For more information about the real star of this series, check out Cummins Engines’ official website.

  • Flavio

    This idea was great, every part discovered something important and innovative … I suggest that a series was done with the RAM, explaining a little of each truck or even explaining the history of the truck. I think it would be interesting.